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Sunday, November 16, 2014

December 2014 - Auspicious Telugu and Tamil Wedding Dates / Muhurthams

Marriages are conducted only on auspicious days as they are considered divine. It is believed that marriage at an auspicious time, showers marital bliss.

While a few dates are given below, this list is not an exhaustive list. A few dates are suggested as the best dates using the operational wedding parameters like weekends, national holidays etc

Telugu important Wedding Dates in December, 2014:

Auspicious Wedding Dates Day of the Week Auspicious Wedding Muhurtham Timings Nakshatram for Marriage
From To
06th December 2014 Saturday
06:58:38 Next Day 06:59:18
Rohini, Mrigashirsha
07th December 2014 Sunday
06:59:18 Next Day 00:27:17
12th December 2014 Friday
16:23:25 Next Day 02:23:09
14th December 2014 Sunday
14:54:17 Next Day 07:04:21
Uttara Phalguni
15th December 2014 Monday
07:04:21 Next Day 07:04:56
Uttara Phalguni , Hasta

Tamil Auspicious Wedding Dates in December:

Wedding Date Day of the Week Nakshatram
01st December 2014 Monday Karthigai-15
10th December 2014 Wednesday Karthigai-24

The above dates are given just to have an idea on the wedding dates and timings. Consulting a Priest is necessary to have an accurate Muhurtham as the given dates may change depending on the location and beliefs of the people.
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