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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cricketers Weddings in the years of World Cup - Part 2

More Weddings in the Years of World Cup (1996 - 2015)

The Cricket fever is on the rise with the gaining popularity of Cricket World Cup 2015 on the global sports stage. Cricket World Cup 2015 has become part of the  Top Stories not only in news but also on television  shows. And what can be the best time to talk about the second more interesting topic in the cricketing world, World Cup combined with Weddings. This article is in continuation to our previous blog, Cricketers Weddings in the years of World Cup - Part 1.

1. Glenn McGrath weds Jane Louise

An Australian former cricketer, always remembered for maintaining a remarkably accurate line and length throughout his career is Glenn Donald McGrath.  Glenn got married in the year 1999 to Jane Louise. Later the couple were blessed with two children. In 2008, a tragedy hit the life of Glenn McGrath when his wife died of breast cancer. Later he remarried a girl Sara in a secret affair. 
Glenn in the year of his wedding i.e.1999      played the World Cup for the Australian team  by scoring the highest number of runs. In December, 2006 he retired from tests. In the year 2007, he retired from International cricket.

2. Saeed Anwar weds Lubna

A cricketer who participated in three Cricket World Cups, scored two successive hundreds on three different occasions, captained Pakistan in seven Tests and 11 ODIs, had got lot more numbers under his belt. Also a left arm orthodox bowler, Saeed Anwar, married his cousin Lubna in March 1996. The wedding was a private ceremony attended by a very close family members and friends. Lubna is a doctor by profession.
Anwar being one of the most consistent Pakistani batsman, played World Cups in the years 1996, 1999 and 2003. In 1996 World Cup, Anwar scored three fifties. He played international cricket between 1989 and 2003. 

3. Saqlain Mushtaq weds Sana

The quickest bowler in history of ODI to reach 100 wickets, right-arm off break bowler, best known for pioneering the "doosra", Saqlain Mushtaq, got married to a British citizen, Sana in the year 1999. The wedding was attended by the Pakistani Cricketers and family members.

He played 49 test matches and 169 ODI's in between 1995 and 2004. He  played his last World Cup in the year 1999. He last played for the Pakistani team in the year 2004 against India. 

4. Azhar Mahmood weds Ebba

This Pakistani batsman, Azhar Mahmood Sagar, joined the team as a medium pacer but went on to surprise everyone with his bat too. Azhar made his ODI debut against India in 1996. He got married in the year 2003 to a British girl, Ebba. Cricketers, friends and family members were all present at the wedding. Guests were invited in a very limited number.

    Azhar being an excellent player was short listed for continuous three World Cups. Year 2007 is the last World Cup, he played for team Pakistan. Whatever may be the reason, Azhar did not play in the year of his wedding i.e., for the 2003 World Cup. He became a British citizen in the year 2011 and is now a qualified English cricketer.

5. Rohan Gavaskar weds Swati Mankar

Batting Legend Sunil Gavaskar's son,  Rohan Gavaskar is a specialist middle-order left-handed batsman. He played for the Indian team in 11 ODI's. On 2nd April, 2003 he married his childhood sweetheart, Swati Mankar in a private affair. 
Rohan was not given a chance to play even a single World Cup for India. He retired on 9th February, 2012. Currently Rohan is acting as a cricket commentator.

6. Jason Gillespie weds Anna

Jason, a former Australian cricketer, a right-arm fast medium bowler, made his test debut and ODI debut in the year 1996. He is the Australia's 6th highest wicket-taker. In one of the test crickets, Jason is the first Australia's fast bowler to score double century as a tenth batsman. 

   He got married to Anna in the year 2003. In the year of his wedding i.e., 2003, Jason did not play World Cup. The reason is unknown. On 29th February, 2008 Gillespie announced his retirement.

7. Stephen Fleming weds Kelly Payne

Stephen Paul Fleming, former New Zealand cricket captain made his test debut in March 1994 against India. This left handed batsman won the Man of the Match award on debut itself after scoring 92. 

Stephen got married on 9th May, 2007 to his long term partner Kelly Payne in a ceremony held in Wellington. Being the most victorious captain, Stephen Fleming played for the 2003 and 2007
World Cups, where his performance was outstanding. The year 2007 World Cup was his last one. On 26th March, 2008 Fleming retired from International cricket.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

7+ Awesome Features of SeeMyMarriage Live - A Wedding Live Streaming Service

Image result for pics of live broadcasting setup

The testimonials of our customers ensure SeeMyMarriage a thriving business.  Below are the list of features that our customers find the most useful.

1.  SeeMyMarriage Live View Page

With the event ID provided by SeeMyMarriage, the live user needs to log in to the live view page. No one else has the access to live view except for the ones with event id.   A basic Internet connection facilitates the miss outs to watch the live feed webcasted by the cast of SeeMyMarriage from the venue. The live view page with sophisticated internal bandwidth rules helps in seamless playback of the live video without any breaks and buffering.

2. Live Wedding Website / Telepresence Portal

SeeMyMarriage designs premium wedding websites for its customers who require stand alone wedding sites and also for the couples who book a live streaming project. The live wedding website includes comprehensive information on the wedding proceedings. A wedding website is a tab containing  8 tabs - Home, Couple's Story, Invitation Card, Events, Gallery, Live Streaming, RSVP and My Guest Book. A customer can have custom requirements in designing their website.
Through telepresence portal, SeeMyMarriage provides a platform of virtual presence to its live users. They can feel the physical aspects and the intangible proceedings of the wedding venue, virtually.

Virtual Presence Site Example:

3  Wedding Invitation Video Card / Greeting / Animation

Inviting family members and friends for any event is a long-winded process,  A single click on the 'send' option will reduce all your stress and strain, if you choose online wedding invitation videos.

Invite the guests with style making use of trendy invitation videos served by SeeMyMarriage. Select a template from a huge choice and customize the way you want your invitation video to be by just providing a few required photographs and a brief information about the event.

4 Content Delivery Network dedicated for Streaming Weddings

By adopting advanced technology techniques, SeeMyMarriage live telecasts the events at an extremely low latency and delay. It utilizes the MPEG4/ H.323 video compression techniques/ server side encoding techniques and the servers are distributed across the world.
Video Invitations, Websites, Highlights, Post Production Process are all designed and created using cloud software.

5. Live Event Statistics via Email and SMS

A webcasting session may last either for 3 hours, 4 hours or 5 hours depending on the requirement of the customer. During the session of live telecasting, the live users can update the statistics of the webcast at any given time. A delay in commencement of live event streaming will also be reflected on the live view page in the form of a message for the convenience of the live users.

6. Online Wedding Intros of the Webcast

Wedding intro videos are created post webcast by SeeMyMarriage, which represent the story of your wedding. One can choose a template from a large list of wedding highlight templates created by SeeMyMarriage. The customer can add text, audio and customize a wide parameters of their video. Using studio grade editing, the post production team of SeeMyMarriage delivers an attractive Wedding Intro Videos.

7. Instant Archival and High Definition Download

If the live users want to watch the wedding, post webcast, SeeMyMarriage is here to achieve your desire. The  live-video immediately after the webcast, is delivered automatically to the Instant archive link. This feature helps the live viewers, view the event any number of times with in a year.
With in a month's time, the event data recorded in our cameras is processed to HD video links. These links are delivered and stored for an year in the archive tab. From here, a customer can download the HD video.

About SeeMyMarriage Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Visakhapatnam  

SeeMyMarriage is a live event web casting/ broadcasting/ streaming company based in India. Any special events like weddings/ birthdays/ house warming functions/ engagements/ alumni meets/ farewells/ arangetram are live streamed using the advanced tools and softwares. SeeMyMarriage, by understanding the emotions of the people who are unable to attend their dearest one's event, serves them with Live Streaming tool. The live feed directly from the venue is broadcasted straight into their homes to create a virtual presence.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Auspicious North Indian Wedding Dates and Muhurats for Calendar 2015

<h2> North Indian Wedding Dates</h2>
According to Hindu Mythology, shubh vivah muhurats are those which prevails for at least 4 hours. The vivah muhurath is fixed after referring the kundali (birth chart) of the bride and the groom. Below are the dates listed to give you an outline idea on the auspicious North Indian Wedding Dates 2015. Consulting a Priest is necessary for an appropriate Muhurat.

16 January, 2015 (Friday) Magha Krishna Ekadashi Visakha
18 January, 2015 (Sunday) Magha Krishna Trayodashi Jyaistha
24 January, 2015 (Saturday Magha Shukla Panchami Purva Bhadrapada
25 January, 2015 (Sunday) Magha Krishna Ekadashi Uttara Bhadrapada
26 January, 2015 (Monday) Magha Shukla Saptami Revati
29 January, 2015 (Thursday) Magha Shukla Dashami Krittika
30 January, 2015 (Friday) Magha Shukla Ekadashi Rohini
04 February, 2015 (Wednesday) Phalguna Krishna Prathama Ashlesha
05 February, 2015 (Thursday) Phalguna Krishna Dwitiya Magha
06 February, 2015 (Friday) Phalguna Krishna Dwitiya Purva Phalguni
07 February, 2015 (Saturday) Phalguna Krishna Tritiya Uttara Phalguni
08 February, 2015 (Sunday) Phalguna Krishna Chaturthi Uttara Phalguni
09 February, 2015 (Monday) Phalguna Krishna Panchami Hasta
10 February, 2015 (Tuesday) Phalguna Krishna Shashthi Chitra
11 February, 2015 (Wednesday) Phalguna Krishna Saptami Swati
12 February, 2015 (Thursday) Phalguna Krishna Ashtami Visakha
14 February, 2015 (Saturday) Phalguna Krishna Dashami Jyaistha
15 February, 2015 (Sunday) Phalguna Krishna Ekadashi Mula
16 February, 2015 (Monday) Phalguna Krishna Dwadashi Purva Asadha
20 February, 2015 (Friday) Phalguna Shukla Dwitiya Purva Bhadrapada
21 February, 2015 (Saturday) Phalguna Shukla Tritiya Uttara Bhadrapada
22 February, 2015 (Sunday) Phalguna Shukla Chaturthi Revati
25 February, 2015 (Wednesday) Phalguna Shukla Saptami Krittika
MARCH 2015
08 March, 2015 (Sunday) Chaitra Krishna Tritiya Hasta
09 March, 2015 (Monday) Chaitra Krishna Tritiya Chitra
10 March, 2015 (Tuesday) Chaitra Krishna Chaturthi Swati
11 March, 2015 (Wednesday) Chaitra Krishna Panchami Visakha
12 March, 2015 (Thursday) Chaitra Krishna Shashthi Anuradha
13 March, 2015 (Friday) Chaitra Krishna Saptami Jyaistha
21 March, 2015 (Saturday) Chaitra Shukla Prathama Uttara Bhadrapada
APRIL 2015
21 April, 2015 (Tuesday) Vaishakha Shukla Tritiya Krittika
22 April, 2015 (Wednesday) Vaishakha Shukla Chaturthi Rohini
27 April, 2015 (Monday) Vaishakha Shukla Navami Ashlesha
28 April, 2015 (Tuesday) Vaishakha Shukla Dashami Magha
30 April, 2015 (Thursday) Vaishakha Shukla Dwadashi Uttara Phalguni
MAY 2015
01 May, 2015 (Friday) Vaishakha Shukla Trayodashi Hasta
05 May, 2015 (Tuesday) Jyaistha Krishna Prathama Visakha
07 May, 2015 (Thursday) Jyaistha Krishna Tritiya Jyaistha
08 May, 2015 (Friday) Jyaistha Krishna Chaturthi Mula
09 May, 2015 (Saturday) Jyaistha Krishna Panchami Purva Asadha
14 May, 2015 (Thursday) Jyaistha Krishna Ekadashi Purva Bhadrapada
15 May, 2015 (Friday) Jyaistha Krishna Dwadashi Revati
19 May, 2015 (Tuesday) Jyaistha Shukla Prathama Rohini
20 May, 2015 (Wednesday) Jyaistha Shukla Dwitiya Mrigashirsha
25 May, 2015 (Monday) Jyaistha Shukla Saptami Magha
27 May, 2015 (Wednesday) Jyaistha Shukla Navami Purva Phalguni
28 May, 2015 (Thursday) Jyaistha Shukla Dashami Uttara Phalguni
30 May, 2015 (Saturday) Jyaistha Shukla Dwadashi Chitra
31 May, 2015 (Sunday) Jyaistha Shukla Trayodashi Swati
JUNE 2015
02 June, 2015 (Tuesday) Jyaistha Shukla Purnima Anuradha
03 June, 2015 (Wednesday) Asadha Krishna Prathama Jyaistha
04 June, 2015 (Thursday) Asadha Krishna Dwitiya Mula
05 June, 2015 (Friday) Asadha Krishna Tritiya Purva Asadha
06 June, 2015 (Saturday) Asadha Krishna Chaturthi Uttara Asadha
10 June, 2015 (Wednesday) Asadha Krishna Ashtami Purva Bhadrapada
11 June, 2015 (Thursday) Asadha Krishna Navami Uttara Bhadrapada
12 June, 2015 (Friday) Asadha Krishna Ekadashi Revati
21 June, 2015 (Sunday) Asadha Shukla Panchami Ashlesha
29 June, 2015 (Monday) Asadha Shukla Dwadash Anuradha
JULY 2015
08 July, 2015 (Wednesday) Asadha Krishna Saptami Uttara Bhadrapada
11 July, 2015 (Saturday) Asadha Krishna Dashami Bharani
22 November, 2015 (Sunday) Kartikai Shukla Ekadashi Uttara Bhadrapada
23 November, 2015 (Monday) Kartikai Shukla Dwadashi Revati
25 November, 2015 (Wednesday) Kartikai Shukla Chaturdashi Bharani
26 November, 2015 (Thursday) Margasira Krishna Prathama Rohini
27 November, 2015 (Friday) Margasira Krishna Dwitiya Mrigashirsha
03 December, 2015 (Thursday) Margasira Krishna Ashtami Purva Phalguni
04 December, 2015 (Friday) Margasira Krishna Navami Purva Phalguni
05 December, 2015 (Saturday) Margasira Krishna Dashami Uttara Phalguni
06 December, 2015 (Sunday) Margasira Krishna Dashami Hasta
07 December, 2015 (Monday) Margasira Krishna Ekadashi Chitra
13 December, 2015 (Sunday) Margasira Shukla Dwitiya Purva Asadha
14 December, 2015 (Monday) Margasira Shukla Tritiya Uttara Asadha

North Indians avoid marriages during Chaturmas - a 4 month period and Holashtak - The 8 days leading up to Holy.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tamil Wedding Calendar 2015

<h1> Tamil Wedding Calender 2015</h1>

According to Tamil Wedding Muhurthams, it is believed that Valarpirai muhurtham dates and Brahma muhurtham time are the auspicious days to perform weddings. It is must to check the dates with your nearest Astrologer, to fix an accurate muhurtham. The date may not match with the below calendar, as the astrologer picks up a muhurtham depending on your birth time, star, date and day.

An auspicious Tamil Wedding Calendar is listed below for your reference only.


  • Fri, Jan 16, 2015

  • Sun, Jan 25, 2015

  • Mon, Jan 26, 2015

  • Thu, Jan 29, 2015


  • Thu, Feb 5, 2015

  • Sun, Feb 8, 2015

  • Wed, Feb 11, 2015

  • Sun, Feb 15, 2015

  • Mon, Feb 16, 2015

  • Sun, Feb 22, 2015

  • Fri, Feb 27, 2015


  • Sun, Mar 8, 2015

  • Thu, Mar 12, 2015

  • Thu, Mar 12, 2015


  • Wed, Apr 22, 2015

  • Mon, Apr 27, 2015

  • Thu, Apr 30, 2015


  • Fri, May 8, 2015

  • Thu, May 14, 2015

  • Wed, May 20, 2015

  • Mon, May 25, 2015

  • Wed, May 27, 2015

  • Sun, May 31, 2015


  • Wed, Jun 3, 2015

  • Thu, Jun 11, 2015

  • Fri, Jun 12, 2015

  • Sun, Jun 21, 2015

  • Mon, Jun 29, 2015


  • Wed, Jul 8, 2015

  • Mon, Jul 13, 2015


  • Sun, Nov 22, 2015

  • Sun, Nov 22, 2015

  • Fri, Nov 27, 2015


  • Sun, Dec 6, 2015

  • Mon, Dec 7, 2015

  • Mon, Dec 14, 2015

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Cricketers Weddings in the years of World Cup - Part 1

Top 15 World Cup year Weddings of the Cricketers (1996-2015)

Even for people who know only 2 things about the game, 'run' and 'out', the term World Cup results in an awe expression, reviving their patriotism.
World Cup was believed to be an year of celebration not only for the Cricketers to make and break those records but also an auspicious time to shift gears on a personal level. Many Cricketers got married during the year of World Cup, here are a few of them..

1. Mohammad Azharuddin weds Sangeeta Bijlani

The man known for his best wrists and graceful batting style is India's favorite captain of the 90s, Mohammad Azharuddin for his record wins of 103 ODIs as a captain. He first married Naureen, whom he divorced after 9 years of marriage. In 1996, Azharuddin remarried Sangeeta Bijlani who is a model and an actress.
In the 1996 World Cup, India departed from the World Cup as semifinalists. India's diminishing performances raised questions on his captaincy. The experts were busy finding out the reasons and drawbacks of these failures. It was then a wedding news of Azharuddin, marrying Sangeeta surfaced. In some way or the other people of the cricket committee feel that his second marriage had a negative impact on Azharuddin's World Cup performance.

2. Sourav Ganguly weds Dona Roy

Dada, as we call him was known to be India's most successful captains in modern times. The current Joint Secretary of Cricket Association of Bengal, Sourav Ganguly played for the World Cups in the year 1999, 2003 and 2007. It was announced unofficially that on 23rd August, 1996, Ganguly eloped with Dona Roy and married her. In 1997, February, families have arranged for a formal wedding for the couple. Ganguly's ODI career started the same year i.e.1997.

3. Venkatesh Prasad weds Jayanthi

Not many people know that Venkatesh Prasad has 'Bapu' as his surname. Bapu Krishna Rao Venkatesh Prasad, an ex-fast bowler in the Indian squad, was known for his seam bowling. He made his debut in 1996 and was also part of the 1996 World Cup team. In the same year on April 22nd, Venkatesh Prasad got married to Jayanthi, a classical dancer at a temple in Bangalore. His wife Jayanthi is much older than him.
The last World Cup he played was in 1999 and retired in 2005. Currently Prasad is a bowling coach for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League. 

4. Anil Kumble weds Chetana Ramatheerthan

Padmashree Anil Kumble is not only a former Indian cricket test captain but also a leading wicket taker in India. On 1st July, 1999, Kumble married Chetana Ramatheerthan at Bangalore. The wedding was attended by his family members, teammate Venkatesh Prasad and his wife Jayanthi. Kumble arranged a small reception at Le Meridien Hotel with a very limited number of invitees.
In the same year of his marriage, Kumble played for the World Cup where he exhibited a good performance. Almost in every innings of the 1999 World Cup Series, Anil Kumble scored nearly half-centuries to the Indian cricket team and at least 1 or 2 wickets per innings. His last World Cup was in 2007 and retired in 2010.

5. Javagal Srinath weds Jyothsna

India's frontline fast bowler and current ICC match referee, Javagal Srinath, is the only Indian fast bowler to have taken more than 300 wickets in ODIs.
In 1999, Srinath married Jyothsna in Bangalore but later divorced her. Only in 1999 World Cup series he owned 11 wickets. Srinath is the highest wicket taker for India across World Cups. So, no newly wed effect was imposed on his World Cup Play. Javagal Srinath got remarried to Madhavi Patravali, a journalist on December 13th, 2007 at a bungalow in Mangalore. The wedding was attended by his close friends Dravid and Anil Kumble. Nothing much info on the wedding as the families and friends remained close-lipped. He played his last World Cup in 2003 and then got retired.

6. Rahul Dravid weds Vijetha Pendharkar

Former Captain of India, Rahul Dravid, was hailed as "The Wall" for his tremendous match winning performances. He married a surgeon from Nagpur, Vijetha Pendharkar on May 4th, 2003 at Yelahanka, Bangalore. It was a Maharashtrian theme of wedding attended by close family and friends like Anil Kumble and Venkatesh Prasad. Reception was also held at Taj West End Hotel. 
In the World Cup of his wedding year 2003, Rahul Dravid showed a very good play by scoring 318 runs at 63.6 overs. This was a huge success in the career of Dravid. He last played the World Cup in the year 2007 and then retired.

7. Andrew Flintoff weds Rachel

ICC player of the year 2005 award winner, Freddie, is a former cricketer of England. Freddie is not only a good cricketer but also a Professional Boxer. Freddie got married to a business woman, Rachel on 3rd March, 2003 in London. In the 2003 World Cup, Flintoff contributed both with the bat and the bowl. His excellent bowling style made the team England win over Pakistan by 112 runs. His wedding had a very good impact on his performance. He also performed an excellent play in 2007 World Cup and then retired from his career.

8. Kevin Pietersen weds Jessica Taylor

An English Cricketer and occasional off - spin bowler, Kevin, is of South African origin but plays for England. On 29th December, 2007 he got married to Jessica Taylor who is a well known singer, actress, model and a dancer by profession. The wedding has taken place at a service in Castle Combe, Wiltshire.
Kevin played World Cups in the year 2007 and 2011 by giving out a good performance. Kevin stood as the first World Cup century maker from England team since 1996 against Australia. In the final match of the World Cup, Pietersen scored 100 runs from 91 balls against West Indies. He was not officially retired but suspended by ECB.

9. Alastair Cook weds Alice Hunt

Alastair, an England test team captain and former ODI captain, married his model girlfriend Alice Hunt on the New Year's Eve of 2011 at Stewkley Methodist Church in Buckinghamshire. Alice is a farmer's daughter. There were around 225 invited guests at the wedding.
In 2011, Cook played World Cup for the team England. The team got defeated in the quarter finals itself.

10. Mitchell Johnson weds Jessica Bratich

ICC test cricketer of the year 2014 for bowling, Mitchell Johnson, is a left-handed batsman and also a left-arm fast bowler of the Australian cricket team. He married Jessica Bratich, a Karate athlete and a famous handbag designer in May, 2011 at South of Perth. The wedding was attended by around 60 guests.
In the very same year of Mitchell's marriage, he played for the World Cup where an excellent performance was shown by obtaining 7 wickets in 57.3 overs at an average of 4-19. He is also a part of the 2015 World Cup.

11. Jean Paul Duminy weds Sue Erasmus

JP Duminy is a South African cricketer, a left-handed batsman and a right arm off spin bowler. On 25th June, 2011, Duminy got married to Sue Erasmus, a model at Maldives. The wedding was attended by around 281 guests including Francois du Plessis, Morne Morkel, Mark Boucher, Robin Peterson and Graeme Smith. The wedding theme was a Swanky French affair.
Duminy played for the 2011 year World Cup, his performance was overall good. In one of the 2011 World Cup innings, Duminy scored 99 runs against Ireland. He grabbed a chance to play for the year 2015 World Cup.

12. Graeme Smith weds Morgan Deane


Smith is a former captain and an opening batsman for the South African cricket team. He married
an Irish model and a famous singer Morgan Deane on 8th August, 2011 at St.Bernard Catholic Church in Claremont. The church was beautifully decorated with Arum Lilies in a black Bentley sporting a white ribbon. Friends and families of the bride flew in from Ireland for the wedding. The couple arranged a reception at Cape Town.

In the very same year of Graeme's wedding, he played World Cup for the South African team. He exhibited a good performance in spite of his busy wedding engagements.

13. Gautam Gambhir weds Natasha Jain

The left hand opening Indian batsman Gautam Gambhir is currently playing for Kolkatta Knight riders. In 2009, he was ranked as the no.1 batsman in the ICC rankings. On 28th October, 2011, he got married to a Delhi based girl Natasha Jain at Westend Farm on the Delhi-Gurgaon road. The couple's families along with team mates Virendra Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh, Juhi Chawla and her husband Jai Mehta, Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman, Ishant Sharma, Munaf Patel, Ashish Nehra, politicians -Rajiv Shukla and Arun Jaitley were present at the wedding.
Gautam requested to excuse him from T20 match which was held on October 29th, 2011, exactly a day after his wedding. He played in the World Cup for team India which was held in the same year. Wedding had a positive effect and he scored 97 runs for team India from 122 balls with 9 fours and India won the World Cup. This year in the 2015 World Cup, we will surely miss him.

14. Ravichandran Ashwin weds Prithi Narayanan

India's off-spinner and the fastest Indian bowler to take 50 wickets and 100 wickets in Test cricket. Ashwin married his childhood friend Prithi Narayanan on November 13th, 2011 at Raghavendra Kalyana mandapam in Chennai. Reception was held on November 12th in Chennai which was attended by his Tamil Nadu team mates, friends and family members.
Even though India won the World Cup in the year 2011, Ravichandran showed an average performance. In 2015, he will play World Cup for team India.

15. Imran Khan weds Reham Khan

"Sportsman of the century" award winner, Pakistan's most successful cricket captain, Imran Khan, led his country to win the 1992 World Cup. He got remarried to a BBC weather girl, Ms.Reham Khan, a divorced mother of three children on January 8th, 2015 at Imran Khan's Bani Gala Bungalow in Pakistan. The family members were neither invited nor attended the wedding. A reception was
held with close friends and families. Imran Khan divorced his first wife Ms.Jemima Goldsmith in 2004.
Imran Khan's last World Cup was in 1992 where he top scored for Pakistan against England and won the World Cup..

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Will you Create a Valentines Day Video or use a Tinder Swipe ?

There is more to a valentines day proposal than greeting cards, a bunch of roses, chocolates and the eventual popping of the question with a diamond ring. Here at SeeMyMarriage, we find two interesting trends for this valentines day.

One obvious trend is all about finding the meet-cutes with Tinder. With apps like these, it is hi-fi dating and superfast cuddling. And once you are done, then it is swipe to the right on your smart phone screen. Next!

With grappling speed at which these new apps are changing our lives,  the concept of a romantic proposal on a valentines day has drastically lost its lustre, at least for the singles, we must say. This trend is fast catching up in the east as well. And eventually, the concept of  budding chemistry on the first meets,  the temperament of  continuously impressing a girl on the long haul and concluding the same with a romantic proposal will soon be a lost art. So long to the craft of 'driving her crazy' and 'sweeping a girl off her feet'.

No, don't lose hope just yet, Here's an other trend for the more conservative and the not so Tinder types, Technology has done its part here as well. Watch the video below.

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A simple video slideshow talking about your previous encounters with one another, a few romantic quotes in between and a light song as the background. And  the air of the valentines day love will do the magic. There you go,  a picture perfect video.

Here's an other sample.

Now this is as close as it comes to a real proposal. Real pictures, real experiences and real thoughts about your valentine jotted down in the video at appropriate locations and timelines. This is surely going to take her on an emotional ride.

So open your favorite video editor (we suggest windows movie maker) and hit the create button.
And if you are not the geeky type then create one here.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Auspicious Telugu Wedding Dates and Muhurthams for Calendar 2015

<h1> Telugu Wedding Calendar 2015</h1>
The below listed Telugu calendar suggests you to have a rough idea on the auspicious wedding dates basing on operational wedding parameters. For a hindu girl or a boy to get married, suitable Muhurtham is must. There is a belief that the couple will be showered with happiness and prosperity if they are wed in an appropriate muhurtham.

January Muhurthams 2015

Shubh Vivah Date Shubh Vivah Day Shubh Vivah Muhurat Nakshatra For Marriage
From To
16th January 2015 Friday 10:52:44 PM Next Day 07:14:22 Anuradha
18th January 2015 Sunday 7:35:06 AM 5:41:50 PM Mula
24th January 2015 Saturday 2:45:47 PM Next Day 07:13:12 Uttara Bhadrapada
25th January 2015 Sunday 7:13:12 AM Next Day 07:12:57 Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
26th January 2015 Monday 7:12:57 AM 7:12:57 AM Revati
29th January 2015 Thursday 11:38:13 AM Next Day 02:10:54 Rohini

February Muhurthams 2015

Shubh Vivah Date Shubh Vivah Day Shubh Vivah Muhurat Nakshatra For Marriage
From To
04th February 2015 Wednesday 11:17:38 PM Next Day 07:09:14 Magha
05th February 2015 Thursday 7:09:14 AM Next Day 02:16:22 Magha
07th February 2015 Saturday 12:20:48 PM Next Day 07:07:43 Uttara Phalguni
08th February 2015 Sunday 7:07:43 AM Next Day 06:22:03 Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
11th February 2015 Wednesday 8:17:06 AM 4:05:59 PM Swaati
12th February 2015 Thursday 5:26:24 PM Next Day 06:00:27 Anuradha
14th February 2015 Saturday 8:15:53 PM Next Day 07:03:30 Mula
15th February 2015 Sunday 7:03:30 AM 4:30:55 PM Mula
16th February 2015 Monday 2:40:24 PM 7:50:09 PM Uttara Ashadha
20th February 2015 Friday Next Day 00:34:08 6:59:14 AM Uttara Bhadrapada
21st February 2015 Saturday 6:59:14 AM Next Day 06:58:28 Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
22nd February 2015 Sunday 3:39:44 PM 8:00:58 PM Revati
26th February 2015 Thursday 6:55:17 AM Next Day 06:54:27 Rohini, Mrigashirsha
27th February 2015 Friday 6:54:27 AM 7:44:40 PM Mrigashirsha

March Muhurthams 2015

Shubh Vivah Date Shubh Vivah Day Shubh Vivah Muhurat Nakshatra For Marriage
From To
04th March 2015 Wednesday 7:18:38 AM 8:57:40 PM Magha
08th March 2015 Sunday 10:59:32 AM 5:30:32 PM Hasta
09th March 2015 Monday 8:07:53 PM Next Day 06:44:42 Swaati
10th March 2015 Tuesday 6:44:42 AM 12:01:22 PM Swaati
11th March 2015 Wednesday Next Day 00:04:31 6:42:50 AM Anuradha
12th March 2015 Thursday 6:42:50 AM 11:17:33 AM Anuradha
13th March 2015 Friday Next Day 01:33:27 6:40:56 AM Mula

April Muhurthams 2015

Shubh Vivah Date Shubh Vivah Day Shubh Vivah Muhurat Nakshatra For Marriage
From To
21st April 2015 Tuesday 11:57:14 AM Next Day 04:22:01 Rohini
22nd April 2015 Wednesday 3:49:09 PM 8:36:02 PM Mrigashirsha
27th April 2015 Monday 7:28:05 PM Next Day 06:00:00 Magha
28th April 2015 Tuesday 6:00:00 AM 9:40:14 PM Magha
30th April 2015 Thursday 10:28:49 PM Next Day 05:57:53 Uttara Phalguni, Hasta

May Muhurthams 2015

Shubh Vivah Date Shubh Vivah Day Shubh Vivah Muhurat Nakshatra For Marriage
From To
01st May 2015 Friday 5:57:53 AM Next Day 05:57:12 Hasta
05th May 2015 Tuesday 11:50:54 AM 10:47:51 PM Anuradha
07th May 2015 Thursday 1:04:07 PM Next Day 05:53:28 Mula
08th May 2015 Friday 5:53:28 AM 1:03:07 PM Mula
09th May 2015 Saturday 12:40:05 PM Next Day 05:52:21 Uttara Ashadha
14th May 2015 Thursday 6:24:43 AM Next Day 04:34:33 Uttara Bhadrapada
15th May 2015 Friday 5:49:51 AM Next Day 02:41:51 Revati
19th May 2015 Tuesday 8:40:08 AM Next Day 05:47:49 Rohini, Mrigashirsha
20th May 2015 Wednesday 5:47:49 AM 8:45:57 PM Mrigashirsha
27th May 2015 Wednesday 8:24:40 AM Next Day 05:45:32 Uttara Phalguni
28th May 2015 Thursday 5:45:32 AM Next Day 05:45:21 Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
30th May 2015 Saturday 4:30:57 PM Next Day 05:45:00 Swaati

June Muhurthams 2015

Shubh Vivah Date Shubh Vivah Day Shubh Vivah Muhurat Nakshatra For Marriage
From To
02nd June 2015 Tuesday 10:00:38 AM 7:51:26 PM Anuradha
03rd June 2015 Wednesday 7:50:04 PM Next Day 05:44:33 Mula
04th June 2015 Thursday 5:44:33 AM 7:22:22 PM Mula
05th June 2015 Friday 6:34:22 PM Next Day 05:44:26 Uttara Ashadha
06th June 2015 Saturday 5:44:26 AM 5:31:51 PM Uttara Ashadha
10th June 2015 Wednesday 12:19:54 PM Next Day 05:44:29 Uttara Bhadrapada
11th June 2015 Thursday 5:44:29 AM 4:55:15 PM Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati

November Muhurthams 2015

Shubh Vivah Date Shubh Vivah Day Shubh Vivah Muhurat Nakshatra For Marriage
From To
22nd November 2015 Sunday 4:12:37 PM Next Day 06:49:30 Revati
26th November 2015 Thursday 6:51:35 AM Next Day 06:52:17 Rohini, Mrigashirsha
27th November 2015 Friday 6:52:17 AM Next Day 02:13:58 Mrigashirsha

December Muhurthams 2015

Shubh Vivah Date Shubh Vivah Day Shubh Vivah Muhurat Nakshatra For Marriage
From To
04th December 2015 Friday 9:15:04 AM Next Day 06:57:48 Uttara Phalguni
05th December 2015 Saturday 6:57:48 AM 6:26:11 PM Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
06th December 2015 Sunday 7:48:19 AM 3:31:19 PM Hasta
07th December 2015 Monday 6:26:00 PM Next Day 06:59:48 Swaati
13th December 2015 Sunday Next Day 01:56:59 7:03:36 AM Uttara Ashadha
14th December 2015 Monday 7:03:36 AM Next Day 01:44:03 Uttara Ashadha

The above dates are given just to have an idea on the wedding dates and timings. Consulting a Priest is necessary to have an accurate Muhurtham as the given dates may change depending on the location and beliefs of the people.

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