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Sunday, November 16, 2014

December 2014 - Auspicious Telugu and Tamil Wedding Dates / Muhurthams

Marriages are conducted only on auspicious days as they are considered divine. It is believed that marriage at an auspicious time, showers marital bliss.

While a few dates are given below, this list is not an exhaustive list. A few dates are suggested as the best dates using the operational wedding parameters like weekends, national holidays etc

Telugu important Wedding Dates in December, 2014:

Auspicious Wedding Dates Day of the Week Auspicious Wedding Muhurtham Timings Nakshatram for Marriage
From To
06th December 2014 Saturday
06:58:38 Next Day 06:59:18
Rohini, Mrigashirsha
07th December 2014 Sunday
06:59:18 Next Day 00:27:17
12th December 2014 Friday
16:23:25 Next Day 02:23:09
14th December 2014 Sunday
14:54:17 Next Day 07:04:21
Uttara Phalguni
15th December 2014 Monday
07:04:21 Next Day 07:04:56
Uttara Phalguni , Hasta

Tamil Auspicious Wedding Dates in December:

Wedding Date Day of the Week Nakshatram
01st December 2014 Monday Karthigai-15
10th December 2014 Wednesday Karthigai-24

The above dates are given just to have an idea on the wedding dates and timings. Consulting a Priest is necessary to have an accurate Muhurtham as the given dates may change depending on the location and beliefs of the people.
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hyderabad Live Marriage Streaming : 7 Point Webcasting guide for Weddings and other family events.

Streaming by SeeMyMarriage in Hyderabad: 5000 webcasts till date in India and the USA. 2000 webcasts have been covered in the Hyderabad and Telangana region alone.  SeeMyMarriage suggests future customers / broadcasters on the following points.

Webcasting Sales: +918106990869 | +91-8106654665
Email for Enquiries: sales@ipcontext.com

Hyderabad, also known as a Pearl City, is the 4th largest cities in India. This city is the common capital for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Hyderabad is one of the fastest developing metro cities. Both the locals’ and number of immigrants here lead a very busy life.

Since many telugu people reside in the US, it has become a common practice to setup live streaming for weddings. So here we are, the SeeMyMarriage Team, to dissipate our knowledge on live streaming a wedding from hyderabad.

The best quality Live Streaming can be done from most places in Hyderabad. These function halls  have extremely favorable circumstances. Noma Kalyana Vedika, Vorla Laxma Reddy Convention Hall, AMR Gardens, Raja Rajeswari Gardens, GVR Gardens, SNR Gardens, Vyas Vedic Kalyanamandapam, Naga Laxmi Gadens, Surabhi Gardens, Eden Garden Marriage hall,TTD Kalyana Mandapam, Kamma Sangham, Baptist Church, Shilpa Ramam, Goteti Kalyana Vedika, Sri Venkateshwara gardens, Sai Gardens, Taj Banjara, Taj Krishna, NKNR Gardens The list is not just restricted to these function halls. There are many others.

So lets get into the details, when broadcasting an event from Hyderabad.

1. Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Warangal, Karimnagar : Streaming & Webcasting Quality Standards

Below video gives you an idea on the actual live streaming quality that can be delivered at Hyderabad and nearby regions like Warangal, Siddipet, Karimnagar, Mahbubnagar, Adilabad, Nalgonda. The quality of course will depend hugely on the webcasting platform you choose to live stream the event.


2. Live Webcast Companies / Services in Hyderabad funded under the Central Ministry for Medium Small and Micro Enterprises - India

The following companies / firms have at-least 5 years of operating experience in their respective fields.

Company NameArea of OperationsContactWebsite Location
Reviewed in The Hindu, The Economic Times, The India Today and other global press.
Coverages for Wedding, Marriage, Birthday, Shashtipoorthi, Engagement, Reception.
[ Operates all over India, USA, Singapore ]
+918106990869, +918106654665 .seemymarriage.com Road No-10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad,
(Caters to the entire telengana region)
IPContext Webcasting Software Deployments+918374116100www.ipcontext.com Viman Nagar Colony, Begumpet, Hyderabad
Reviewed in DNA India
Corporate live streaming services.
[ Operates all over India ]

Kukatpally, Hyderabad

3. 2G, 3G, 4G Internet Providers in Hyderabad , Warangal, Karimnagar and Other Telangana Areas for Live Streaming

Basic Providers List:

Service Provider Name
2G, 3G ,4G
Idea 2G, 3G
Tata 2G
Reliance 2G
Tikona 4G

List with deeper analysis on Live Streaming:

Provider Name Technology Popular Name Minimum Upload Bandwidth in Kbps Average Upload Bandwidth in Kbps Maximum Upload Bandwidth in Kbps Reliability for Streaming
Airtel 3G WCDMA 200-300 500-1000 2-3Mbps Stable.
Airtel 2G Edge 50-100 50-100 50-100 Stable but unsuitable for streaming.
Reliance 2G HSD 150-250 300-350 600-750 Very Stable.
Reliance 2G 1X Broadband + 50 80 144 Very Stable.
Reliance 3G 3G 300-500 500 1mbps  Stable if available
BSNL 3G EVDO 400-500 500-1000 1 Mbps Stable.
Tata 2G Photon Plus 200-250 300 600 Semi stable. Few Disconnections.
Idea 3G (WCDMA / HSPA) Netsetter 300-500 500 1mbps  Stable
Idea 2G (EDGE) Netsetter 30-50 kbps 85-95 120kbps-155kbps Not Suitable for Streaming/ Unstable
Airtel 4G (LTE) Airtel 4g LTE 800kbps-1Mbps 1-2Mbps 2-6Mbps Stable if LTE signals available
Tikona 4G Tikona wireless broadband 500-800 800kbps- 1mbps 1mbps-1.2mbps Stable


4. Hyderabad Live Wedding Samples : Check if your location is in the list. 

The following is a small list of sample live wedding streaming covered by SeeMyMariage.com.

TNR Forte Gardens, Hyderabad
Stanley Girls High School, Hyderabad
Sai Gardens, Hyderabad
TTD Kalyana Mandapam, Hyderabad
Mekela Venkatesh Kalyana Mandapam, Hyderabad
Minerva Gardens, Hyderabad
Juloori Kalyana Mandapam, Hyderabad
Hotel Tajmahal, Hyderabad
Vanga Gardens, Hyderabad
Baptist Church, Hyderabad
Noma Kalayana Vedika, Hyderabad
Sampradaya Vedika, Hyderabad
Kolan Raghava Reddy Gardens, Hyderabad
Hotel Swagath Grand, Hyderabad
Edulakanti RamReddy Gardens, Hyderabad

5. Watch out for Signal Blackspots in Hyderabad and other Telangana regions

A few areas and function halls in Nagole, Champapet, Dilshuknagar have signal issues.Meaning you will have absolutely no signals at few points in these areas. Though we have cell towers located all around, serious connectivity issues arise. It is due to the densely packed towers that cause interference with one another and finally result in poor or no wireless internet connectivity. Same applies to places in Warangal, Karimnagar, Mahbubnagar areas as well. Make sure your function hall is not in the black listed area.

6. Prefer to Live Stream the Wedding on your own?

It is always preferable to opt for a best vendor for Live Streaming your wedding rather than doing it your self as there are a number of parameters which are to be counter checked while Live Streaming a wedding. If you still want to do it yourself besides your busy schedule then be sure you have the following equipment.

1. A live streaming platform like www.seemymarriage.com
2. High power zoom Camera with diaphragm mic
3. USB TV stick to connect the av out of the camera to laptop.
4. Internet connectivity.
5. Un-interrupted power supply.
6. Tripod to place the camera.

Call +918106990869 for your queries regarding setting up live streaming yourself or read this article.  How to webcast a marriage Live on Internet?

7. SeeMyMarriage Live Webcasting Services in Hyderabad , Warangal, Karimnagar, Mahbubnagar

While Hyderabad and the entire Telangana region is gearing up for wedding season, the wedding planners must be getting muddle headed over inviting their guests. Here comes an amicable website SeeMyMarriage.com which could shoulder your responsibility of inviting guests. All that the bride and the groom have to do is to provide us with the information about your pre-wedding moments and a few photographs.

A tool called video invitation creator will produce a mind boggling video invitation. With a single click the bride and the groom can send their video wedding invitations to the short listed guests with no miss outs.

Many a guests in and out of country would also be at logger heads making plans to be able to watch the gracious wedding ceremony Live. Here again by contemplating people’s passion to watch the wedding live, SeeMyMarriage.com has launched a peerless Live Streaming process.

Weddings are broadcasted online through this one-off process for the invitees who are unable to attend the wedding. Live Streaming process befriends virtual presence. SeeMyMarriage.com has become an integral part of the Hyderabadi wedding family and has clouded more than 2000 big fat weddings in Live Streaming.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Webcasting Vendors & Industry Standards: Live Wedding and Event Streaming Services in Guntur

guntur live streaming

Company: www.seemymarriage.com is a leading wedding cloud services company that has been reviewed in the HINDU, The India Today and the Economic Times and a number of blogs across the web.

  Note: This video covers the highlights of a few weddings covered by SeeMyMarriage Live Webcasting

Live Webcasting Statistics in Guntur by SeeMyMarriage: With an experience of over 5000 webcasts till date and having covered over 200 webcasts in Guntur alone SeeMyMarriage suggests future customers / broadcasters on the following points.
Live Streaming Sales: +91-8106654665 | +91-8374116100
Website: www.seemymarriage.com
Email: sales@ipcontext.com

Garthapuri is the original Sanskrit name of the Guntur District, which is in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a place of historical importance. Guntur is a centre for education, learning and many more. The need to live stream your event might arise due to a lot of factors. Wedding budget, few examples on what actually constitutes a live streaming project in Guntur.

1. Live Streaming / Webcasting Services Vendors in Guntur.

Webcasting industry in Guntur is still in its nascent stages with only a handful of operators. Below is a list of companies with decent expertise in their respective domains.When planning for a wedding webcast, care must be taken to book the vendor well in advance.

Company Name Area of Operations Contact Website
SeeMyMarriage This company specializes in Domestic Events Like Marriage, Receptions, Engagements etc 8106654665 www.seemymarriage.com
IPContext Corporate Live Streaming Software 8374116100 www.ipcontext.com
Elsat.tv General Live Streaming services and hardware solutions 7702622446 www.elsat.tv

2. Live Webcasting Standards / Streaming Quality in Guntur

Live streaming is not just like any other service. If you don't choose the right vendor, you could end up paying a hefty price for a buffered video .So, as an end customer be clear as to what to expect from a Live Wedding Webcast in Guntur. Given below are the best and the least possible live streaming quality streams that can be expected from Guntur.

Best Live Webcasting Quality that can be expected from Guntur under extremely favourable circumstances. Webcast from Zion Fellowship Church. 

Average Webcasting Quality. Wedding Webcast from Bandlamudi Gardens. 

General Streaming Highlights in Guntur. 

3. Wireless Internet Service Providers in Guntur for Live Event / Marriage Streaming

To make the webcast and streaming process efficacious, Guntur has multiple high speed internet sources including 3G provided by all major telecom services.While there are a plethora of options for internet service providers, serious thought has to be given in choosing the right internet connection. For Last minute bookings , wireless broadband connections are preferred to live stream an event. Therefore as far as wireless internet connection is concerned the following statistics can be expected.

Service Provider Name Technology Popular Name Minimum Upload Bandwidth in Kbps Average Upload Bandwidth in Kbps Maximum Upload Bandwidth in Kbps Reliability for Streaming
Airtel 3G WCDMA 200-300 500-1000 2-3Mbps Stable.
Airtel 2G Edge 50-100 ( Streaming Not Possible) 50-100 ( Streaming Not Possible) 50-100 ( Streaming Not Possible) Stable but unsuitable for streaming.
Reliance 2G HSD 150-250 300-350 600-750 Very Stable.
Reliance 2G 1X 50 80 144 Very Stable.
Reliance 3G 3G Unavailable in Guntur Unavailable in Guntur Unavailable in Guntur n/a
BSNL 3G EVDO 400-500 500-1000 1 Mbps Stable.
Tata 2G Photon Plus 200-250 300 600 Semi stable. Moderate Disconnections.

4. Prior Experience of the Vendor Live Streaming from the venue.

It is always best to choose a vendor who might have already broadcasted from the wedding venue before. So, on an important day like wedding, you dont leave anything to chance.
Every venue is different from one another. Infact for SeeMyMarriage, each venue is a case study in its own. Successful streaming or high quality streaming from one specific area doesn't mean that the same quality can be expected in an adjacent area. Such is the unreliability of Internet in Guntur.

Notice the change in quality of live streams for different venues in Guntur.

5. Beware of Streaming Limitations in AC Function halls in Guntur

Due to the closed nature of the ac function halls, the live streaming can get real problematic. And as more and more guest arrive in the function hall, the bandwidth starts dropping due to interference from the mobile phones in the area. Proper care must be taken to find a turn around to this problem.

6. Other Things to watch out for

Read these other insightful articles on

Main Points to consider when choosing a live webcasting vendor in General

Cloud wedding services for couples to create that wow effect at the wedding.

Do it yourself live marriage broadcast

7. SeeMyMarriage in Guntur

SeeMyMarriage.com and Elsat.tv are the largest webcast services providers in terms of the number of webcasts executed in Guntur. And once again ready for the upcoming wedding season to serve people around the world with upgraded Live Streaming process using cloud technology.

Live broadcasting of wedding by SeeMyMarriage.com is a benefaction to the guests who could not attend the wedding. Live Streaming is one stop source for everyone to contemplate wedding live. After the Post Production Process of a wedding using a Post Production Engine, the bride and the groom along with their families can also watch the adorable moments of their wedding with the help of an ID given by  SeeMyMarriage.com.


The most important aspect for any wedding to begin is the invitation cards and in this modern technology our SeeMyMarriage.com helps you avail video invitation cards using Video Invitation Creator. A Video Invitation is produced by the information and the pictures given by the couple. It is an effective means of inviting guests with no miss outs. More economical and less time consumption.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

6 Cloud Services by SeeMyMarriage that are sure to Spice up your Wedding

    Wedding. Why does everyone want it to be special. Why does the bride take an eternity to choose her wedding dress. Why is that a  majority of the grooms are so very concerned with the tiny details of the banquet hall decoration. And why is it that, most couples attach utmost importance in choosing the right photographer / videographer to capture and preserve their best moments. And for that matter what really makes each one of us to spend hours together to review dozens of vendors for each of the activity to be undertaken at the wedding.

      It has been established beyond reasonable doubt that the way we execute our wedding, right from the distribution of the invitations to the send off of the guests with return gifts, tells a lot about the bride, the groom and the families performing the marriage. It's about creating an everlasting impact on the mind of the guest. And yes, it is all about leaving your guests with that tiny hint of amazement every time they recollect your wedding.

So, for the convenience of that couple who are hell bent in creating a bench mark with their wedding and for that couple which leave no stone un-turned in giving their best to carve out the niche details of their wedding, SeeMyMarriage offers a portfolio of cloud services through which the couple can make their wedding stand apart in a stylish yet affordable manner.

1. Create Stunning Wedding  Invitation Videos - SeeMyMarriage Invite

Be it a love marriage or  an arranged marriage, you can always weave a story about your pre-wedding encounters with your fiance in a video. We call this a wedding invitation video. A typical invitation video introduces the bride and the groom, then succinctly talks about their interactions with one another and finally closes out with the wedding details.

SeeMyMarriage Invite cloud software has taken inputs from thousands of couples across the globe to create wedding invitation videos of their choice. Below samples should give you a real time idea of a wedding invitation video.

If you are the geeky type, then create a video invitation yourself or else create an invitation with SeeMyMarriage Invite. 

2. Live Webcast your Wedding - SeeMyMarriage Live

What's the use of a pompous wedding if all of your friends and relations are unable to watch.  Gone are the days when you had to webcast your wedding only when important guests might have missed the wedding. Stream your wedding live. Below are the snapshots of a few special moments we have broadcasted.

Live Streaming is a very good way to reach out to your friends and relatives far away and a small gesture that you care about their presence and blessings. 

To Stream your event live, you have two options:

1. Do the Live Streaming yourself with the Live Streaming Kit from SeeMyMarriage Live

2. Get SeeMyMarriage Live personnel come to the wedding location and handle the wedding streaming for you. The couple or the wedding organizers book the webcast with SeeMyMarriage Live  and they get an event id.

3. Create Amazing Wedding Highlight Videos, Next days edits,  Intros - SeeMyMarriage Create

Once the wedding is done, its time to have a look at your wedding video. But a complete wedding video edit will definitely take some time so until that time, a concept called the next day edits / highlight videos are becoming more popular where the entire wedding is represented in a short video. You might have already seen some great looking intros online like the one below. But how do you actually create one for your wedding?

Unlike the creation of invitation videos, creating highlight video requires sophisticated post production expertise and skill on specialized linear /  non linear video editing and audio editing  software .Don't worry, you don't have to spend a fortune to hire an international videographer or photographer to create amazing video highlights for your wedding. Use SeeMyMarriage's Create to produce amazing highlight videos for your wedding.

The best utility of a video like this is to share a snapshot of your wedding on facebook or whatsapp.

On the requisite of the customer SeeMyMarriage Create also customizes short videos with Intro and Outros. Even though it is termed short the layout incorporates the entire story given by the customer.

4.  Telepresence in your wedding - Anjali

Consider the case when a guest, who, physically unavailable at the venue, is able to move in and around the wedding hall, approach and talk to other guests, listen and respond to guests. Now isn't that amazing! Remember, this guest is able to do all this while still being physically unavailable at the venue. Yes with Anjali, the telepresence bot from SeeMyMarriage, this is possible.

5. Edit your wedding video in Style -  SeeMyMarriage Studio

Don't wait months together to create a DVD or a bluray out of your wedding video. With specialized automated post production engines running across the globe, SeeMyMarriage Studio can edit and render your entire wedding video in a matter of minutes. Look at the sample below. Any complete video editing /would consist of the following video components.

1. Titles
2. Song Compostions
3. Mainstream Wedding Video
4. Image Intro
5. Ending Credits

A sample created using SeeMyMarriage Studio.The effects, transitions, color grading, stabilization of the video have been applied using the SeeMyMarriage Studio, the automated post production service platform for weddings.

6. Wedding Websites for Couples: 

SeeMyMarriage develops and deploys specialized and premium wedding websites as per the requirements of the customer. 

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Friday, September 26, 2014

7 Tips for a Hassle free Wedding Season : Attend weddings with ease

Indian marriages are a complex agglomeration of color, fragrance and some state-of-the art fire works. Tradition-esque and sometime overly-sentimental. An auspicious setting where bonds of eternal glory will take shape.

August 2014 might have been a real nightmare for you. An estimated 3-5 lakh weddings took place in Telengana and Andhra Pradesh itself. Infact in our Hyderabad branch office @ SeeMyMarriage it was the busiest time since the inception of our company. The same applies to Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu where an estimated 10 lakh weddings took place. This season alone, the bookings grew over 600% .

Remember the day when you got to  know that you had to attend ten weddings on the same day. Well its time to re-enact the super human effort again.Take out those fancy wear and golden trinkets and shine them up. The auspicious wedding season is drawing near.

Indians are very meticulous in nature. Planning to the last exact detail. So if you are really serious in a hassle free manner of attending weddings, watch out for the below 7 tips. 

1. Wedding cards and Video Invitations Galore. Say No if you really cant. 

Suddenly your mobile is inundated with calls from relatives and friends, Broadcast messages on your Whatsapp, Follow-up calls, Requests for  répondez s'il vous plaît (RSVP). You suddenly find your news feed in Facebook filled with invites, events and engagement photos. Take a deep breath. Reconcile early that unless you have a couple of clones, you  cannot make it to all the events. But saying a prompt no to the would be bride/groom will at-least spare them the last minute disappointments of your 'no show'. 

2. Mark the Calendar. Now!

Open the Calendar app on your smart phone and mark the days. Most of us prefer a  First Invited- First Accepted basis. Wouldn't it be a shame if you missed even that one wedding that you planned to attend. 

3. Avoid Office Woes. Plan your leave early!

It must be a nightmare for the managers to handle so many leave requests in the wedding season. Plan your leave early. Make due accommodation to your colleagues. Remember that particular colleague who sacrificed  his/her leave so that you could attend a wedding of your close relative/friend.
Since you already made up your mind on whose marriage(s) to attend, start thinking of making your relatives/friends whose events you might make your personal presence felt, to arrange for Live Streaming through SeeMyMarriage.com.

4. Bring in the buddy Batch.

If you are attending your close friends / colleagues wedding, make sure you rope in all your other buddies/ colleagues. This makes the wedding far more brighter and merrier.  So follow up continuously with your other buddies. 

5. Gifts and Budgets.

Weddings are a great occasion to test your memory. Remember the old Hindi Show "Tol Mol Ke Bol" where you have to guess the price of the gift article. You will be racking your brain as to the "real cost" of the gift item that was given at your marriage. Better to have a conservative outlook on the pricing of the gifts, as there might be a flurry of weddings to attend. You would do well to plan your buying spree accordingly.

6. Venue and Directions:

Admit it. Many of us suck at reaching at the correct destination. In the hustle and bustle of the wedding season, you can easily be lost in the maze of traffic. More the trouble, during late evening, as the muhurthams of  all Telugu Hindu weddings are during the night. If possible try to travel along with other guests for the wedding. Will save you the time and effort.

7. Last minute cancellations. Consider using Anjali or set up live marriage streaming!

Yes, some times s%!t happens. Your plans to attend a wedding might just not work out. But then, if you skip an event, you are marked for life. What do you do? Thank fully you now have our SeeMyMarriage live wedding streaming services  where you can virtually attend your friends wedding via a live telecast of the wedding. Or even better, use Anjali, the wedding telepresence bot where you can be physically present at the venue even without actually being there. Take that from an Indian Company! 

Who decides the dates of the marriages? What do the different rituals mean? Have you ever wondered. Given below is a wonderful article you can know the meaning of the complex rituals of Telugu Hindu weddings.

Have a Happy Wedding Season.

Systems Analyst,
24/7 Sales: (+91)810.665.4665 |  (+91)837.411.6100
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

5 Reasons for Live Streaming a Marriage / Wedding from Delhi

"Abhi Dilli door hai bhai" 

Is it ? ??  No.  Not any more. Delhi is just a webcast away.  

Delhi, locally pronounced as Dilli. Weddings in Delhi are known for lots of interesting rituals and practices that have to be performed on the day of weddings. This capital city of India has an array of amenities and services to make your D-day a grand success. Whatever may be your plan of wedding the capital city has everything to make your dream come true. Excellent infrastructure of the city coupled with modern amenities and practices increases the joy of merry making many times.

How many of your family members and friends will be unable to attend? Sometimes, work, school, business, and life in general, prohibit us from attending special events. However, when it comes to your wedding, what if there was another way for your loved ones to witness you take that all important, life changing step. What if they could see — the lovely Bride in her stunning dress; joined by her handsome groom; while witnessing the exchanging of vows and the placing of the rings? Live Wedding can make it happen especially for you!

At one point of time or the other webcasting the wedding for your cousins abroad becomes an obvious choice.

Here are 3 reasons why you should webcast the wedding in Delhi and why is it a good bet when compared to other areas in the country.

1. Further Broadband Services Infrastructure improvement in Delhi

We all know that Delhi is tremendous with respect to infrastructure. As the live streaming experts in this area we can second that the infrastructure relevant to the webcasting industry is quite supportive too. Technologies like 3G, 4G, Wi-Max are quite widespread in the central parts of the cities. 2G Technologies and services like Edge, 1X are available in the state outskirts.

And more importantly any major roll out of policy decisions by the central gvernment with respect to the telecommunications industry ( increase in internet speeds via spectrum allocation ) will come into effect more quickly and prominently in the capital city.  With the DOT's recent policy amendment to drive the Telecom sector and to make available adequate globally harmonized IMT spectrum from 700 MHz to  3.5 GHz bands and other bands as identified by ITU for commercial mobile services.

So basically as time passes we can expect a lot of upload speeds from various locations in Delhi. Hence better quality webcast and better virtual presence in wedding.

2. Well Equipped Function halls and Hotels in Delhi

Which ever function hall  the wedding might be in , 90% banquet halls have amenities that support webcasting. Wi fi connectivity, 1:1 leased line internet are now a days synonymous in all major halls. Banquet halls now a days also have special lighting arrangements, special backgrounds in the mandap for the videography and photography agencies.

3. Established Players and Brands in the Wired  / Wireless Broadband space.

We all know, the internet plays a key role in webcasting an Event. Reliability of the internet is of utmost importance. Wireless broadband players like Reliance, Airtel, Tata have good bases in the NCR regions. Even the wired broadband services are also matured, with a lot many private and local players providing quality services.

4. India is all about Delhi. At least for the foreigners. 

Foreigners who haven't yet visited India would want to definitely watch a wedding happening in Delhi. The People, their dressing and the contrast studded decoration of a Hindu Mandap. Yes, a wedding in Delhi epitomizes the essence of the marriage rituals in Northern India. So your Non-Indian friends, colleagues and bosses might want to witness a wedding in the capital city of India that too in live. For a few of them India is All about Delhi.

5.  And Yes SeeMyMarriage Live Webcasting Now Operates in Delhi.

Originally from the silicon valley of India, SeeMyMarriage has now setup its operations in Delhi as well.
With over a thousand wedding already broadcasted from the capital city, SeeMyMarriage understands the uniqueness of a wedding broadcast in Delhi.

We operate in  all the areas adjoining Faridabad, Amroha,  Hapur, Gurgaon, Mewat, Ghaziabad,  Rohtak, Sonepat, Rewari, Jhajjar, Bulandshahr, Panipat, Muzaffarnagar, Palwal, Mathura , Mahendragarh (Narnaul), Bhiwani, Jind, Karnal, Gautam Budh Nagar, Baghpat, Moradabad,  Meerut, Aligarh, Agra, Alwar, Bharatpur.

If you still have any question on live Streaming a wedding visit our Live Wedding Webcast Delhi Site

Tech Team,
24/7 Sales: (+91) 810.665.4665 |  (+91) 837.411.61003

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

SeeMyMarriage.com Wedding Live Webcast Bangalore: Nijaguna Kalyana Mantap

BANGALORE: Bangalore is nicknamed the Garden City and was once called a pensioner's paradise.Weddings in Bangalore can be an amazing experience for starry eyed couples. The city of gardens has excellent facilities and services to play a host to your nuptials.  Your most auspicious moments in India's Silicon Valley will be a point to cherish for the lifetime. The city has perfect setting for making a commitment to remain together through all thick and thin. The beauty of the city adds essence and feel to the preparations of the marriages in Bangalore.

The newest trend in the wedding industry is Internet broadcasts of your wedding live over the Internet with a wedding Webcast. You can reach all your friends and family that couldn’t actually make it to your wedding. By using Internet broadcasts of your wedding, you can have a destination wedding and still share it with all your friends and family. Can’t afford a big wedding, yet you still want everyone to share in your special day? Have a live wedding Webcast that everyone can attend.

“SeeMyMarriage.com” will be by your side from the beginning and serves till the  end of your wedding occasion Whether it is just finding the right location or assistance throughout the whole process we are able to serve you. Your wishes and dreams will be turned into reality with enthusiasm and dedication. Our aim is to make your day unforgettable both for you and your guests.

SeeMyMarriage.com Wedding Live Webcast: Nijaguna Kalyana Mantap Banglore: For the first time, broadcast footage  of our clients wedding at Nijaguna Kalyana Mantap Bangalore  will be live streamed on”SeeMyMarriage.com” accompanied by a live multi-media blog put together. The” SeeMyMarriage.com” will host a live streaming, which will stream the wedding of couple live on the day. ” SeeMyMarriage.com” works with a vision to satisfy our customers by meeting their expectations through a continuing relationship that make them enjoy the pleasant-sounding and quite excellent occasion.


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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Physical Wedding Cards Vs Online E Wedding Invitations

Every year in India there is a season from late September to January many people about two millions approximately likely to receive a letter by post which is a Wedding Card, it is literally an invitation letter. In any one season there could be around ten million weddings take place in India. 

Marriage in India is considered as the most auspicious and expensive event. The marriage ceremony and ritual has not only survived these last few centuries it has flourished. The Indian marriage is quiet unique, the actual marriage ceremony stretches over several days with elaborate pre wedding rituals. 

Though Wedding cards have a significant aspect, they are considered as least important when compared to other things like the wedding saree, the exhibition of jewellery, and the exotic locations in which the wedding is held and not to forget the extravagant stage effects that accompany the wedding. 

Wedding cards are the most crucial element without which the wedding could not even begin. A standard wedding invitation provides sensible information about the marriage and where it is held at. Invitations could be handmade paper and despite all the developments in its form it is still continued to produced in small printers shops.

In recent years the card has undergone dramatic changes from a simple plain card to wildly colorful imaginative, personalized and expensive one. But the question is has the transformation of the wedding cards has modified the nature of the object.

With the increase in Indian economy and urbanization the numbers of internet users are increasing day by day. So, digital invitations might play a very good role in the present situation. Digital wedding invitation or e wedding cards are nothing but sending your wedding invitations in digital format to your guests. These digital wedding invitations can be sent through email or use it as a download wedding invitation. Digital wedding invitations can be designed in either traditional format or in 3D making the invitation more interesting, these can be customizable depending on the interest of the bride or the bridegroom.

Digital wedding invitations can save a lot of money and time in this busy world. These invitations can be sent to all the guests by a single click.

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