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Friday, April 29, 2016

Top 20 - Unique Wedding Invitation Videos, Save the Date Videos & Animated E Video Cards

The below videos were the most unique, stylish, trendy and modern ways to use video to invite guests to couple. 

Sources: Vimeo and Youtube

1. Cartoon Video Invitation

This is a cartoon wedding invitation video; the characters are exhibited as cartoons, take wing in a hot air balloon to invite the guests. An animated helicopter carries save the date invitation. Finally, the animated couple formally invites the guests to their wedding. This cartoon video invitation excites the viewers.

Create a trendy video invite like this.  http://seemymarriage.com/product/sharing-times-timeline-until-the-wedding/

2. Whatsapp Wedding video Invitation

It is a simple yet elegant wedding invitation with rose petals falling down animations and various wedding background themes. This is a very good choice and latest trend.

Create videos like this at SeeMyMarriage.com . Watch more Traditional wedding invite videos

3.    Stop Motion Wedding Invitation

This is a stop motion wedding invitation.  It is a technique that manipulates any objects that appears to move on its own. It illustrates that the bride and the groom are going to tie the knot. The date of the wedding is displayed with the stop motion effect which is a cool idea.

 4.    Animated Wedding Invitation

This is completely an animated wedding invitation. Animation is the process of making illusion of motion and changes by rapid display of changing images sequentially. The script is very good with animations. The story of the couple is narrated with perfect animations that looks funny and impressive.

More animated wedding videos.

1   5.    White board wedding invitation

This is white board animation wedding invitation. The characters were sketched by the artists with a creative story that automatically records the process. Here, the characters were created and brought together to celebrate their love and save the date is displayed at the end. Simple animations were used. This is most popular invitation type in recent days.

Create your Story type Save The Date Video. A similar video like this  http://seemymarriage.com/product/interstellar-love-zoo-zoo-animated-video-invite/

1   6.    Traditional Wedding Invitation

This is a traditional wedding invitation with flare and shadow effects. The fade in, fade out text displays details of the marriage. The linear wave animation effects on the animated rose flowers are an eye catching effect in this invitation video. It is an elegant video invitation with animations and prominent effects that impact viewers to watch more than once.

Go to Our Traditional Wedding Invitation Video Store. Or find  a similar video  @ http://seemymarriage.com/product/baby-blender-indian-wedding-invitation-video/

7. Simple animation Invitation

It is a funny save the video invitation with simple character animations. The animation process brings life to the characters. This video comprises of background effects with movements. Finally, save the date invitation appears. The idea is very good and simple.

Create New Trend with your invitation video. For more videos like the above, Click the below link :

1  8.    Live Wedding Invitation

This is a live wedding animation video with simple animations presenting the boy and the girl. The script explains how they come together to get marry. The dairy display the images of the boy and girl, stop motion animation were used here. There are simple effects that run with the script. It is an imaginative idea with good script.

Make more beautiful videos with your pictures. Create your video like this for best prices @ http://seemymarriage.com/product/banyan-tree-hanging-picture-frames-video/

9.    2D Animation invitation video

This is an excellent 2D wedding Invitation video with flare effects in the background. The characters were animated in 2D. The 2D figures are created on a computer using 2D bitmap images or raster graphics. The elegant 2D flower designs display the wedding date and venue in the video.  

1   10.  Stop Motion with Dexterity designs

This is a concept oriented stop motion video. The images were taken prior to make them move on their own. There are several backgrounds used for image. The concept behind the idea is well narrated with simple music animations and effects. Finally the lens flare effects and blue sky animation effects are added advantage to watch the video.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Creative Wedding Invitation Videos - Part 1

Announce Your Wedding in Style

Every Couple have their own fairy tale love story. Every Love Story has it s own timeline of events. Being creative is the need of the hour for every wedding announcement. Social Media and Online Video Creation Sites have got to get their massive hits at the onset of a Wedding Season.

Now this Monsoon, let see some of the very unique wedding video invitations.

Simple Story Telling Style

This is a very popular love story, told in a nutshell. With match making happening mostly through Skype these days, not many couples meet until the final week of wedding. Hence having photos together is a big question mark. So this Creative Wedding Invite is for all those couples out there battling different time zones.


2. Chalk Board Style Wedding Invitation Video

Like someone once said, 'In Science and In Love, Opposites always attract'. This is one such video where it describes the personalities of the Couple and then the final Wedding Invitation, very unique and creative.

3. Formal Wedding Invitation Video - invitation by Parents

Planning for a formal wedding invitation by Parents, very similar to the layout of your wedding card, here is one traditional option. You can have all the wedding events included in the video.

4. Save the Date - Animated Wedding Invitation Video Card

Animated Wedding Invitations are on the go. A simple video message to block "THE DATE" of  your Big Day.

5. Elegant Wedding Invitation Slide Show

Tell your story along with your partner. The Perfect video if you have memories down the lane. 

So do you have a creative idea? Is it a yes? Share your Idea and get it done. Now!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Birthday Live Streaming Ideas

<h1> Birthday Live Streaming Ideas</h1>

Birthday as a Cultural Aspect

Birthday is meant to be an unfading excitement in lives of most people, be it children, youngsters, couples or the aged.  The First Birthday has its prominence and when the child is growing, parents tend to celebrate few milestones. Youngsters celebrate birthdays or it is celebrated often by their close friends. Couples celebrate each other's birthdays without fail and then comes the 60th Birthday also called the Sashtipoorthi in Southern part of India. After 60th Birthday, every 10 years you ought to be celebrating for the kind of age-specific milestone it is.

  • Girl's 16th birthday is celebrated as 'sweet sixteen' in Canada and USA.
  • Girl's 16th birthday is celebrated as 'festa de quinze anos' in Brazil.
  • Boy's 12th or 13th Birthday is celebrated as 'Upanayana' in India.
  • Girl's 18th birthday or Boy's 20th birthday is celebrated as 'Debut' in Philippines. 
  • 60th birthday is celebrated as per Zodiac Calendar in some Asian countries. 
  • Child's 1st birthday is celebrated as 'Doljanchi' in Korea.

Birthdays and Social Media:

These days with the advent of Social Media, we cannot make an excuse to forget anyone's Birthday. Also the pictures of one's birthday is one update that everyone watches out for. Birthdays are being so well organized that its becoming just like another big occasion as a wedding in one's life. 

But when you get an invite to be a part of it for an event happening in another city, your boss might not be as convinced as you to let you go out on a leave on an occasion as a Birthday. So live streaming of birthdays also has caught up the trend.

Live Streaming Birthdays:

First Birthday Live Streaming

Recently we watched our boss's daughter's first birthday live streamed on our intranet site as well as on the internet. What a celebration it was. There are service providers like SeeMyMarriage.com, not limited to live marriage streaming but also Birthday Live Streaming, from anywhere in India.

60th Birthday Live Streaming

In some parts of the world, 60th Birthday is celebrated like another wedding day of the elderly couple. You can also plan for short videos to be made reflecting the couple's journey to till date. You can find lot of templates to make short videos online.

80th Birthday Live Streaming

Having someone to be with you on their 80th Birthday is a real blessing to all those who are younger. On May 5th, 2012 Ms.Neelambari celebrated her 80th birthday at Sundeep Hall, Chennai. If you observe the below uploaded video, one can validate the need for broadcasting such an event. Live Streaming of this event created a virtual presence to the birthday miss outs.

Starting from the arrangement of pooja, arriving of kith and kin, birthday rituals followed by nearly 10 priests, extended pooja, distribution of gifts etc.,were covered in a very crystalline form. At the end of the pooja, the God blessed birthday lady, Ms.Neelambari was showered with the holy water by all her dear ones.
The same live streamed video was post produced and a short video of the highlights of the event has been created.

Short Videos for Birthdays:

Birthday Invitation Video :-

When you are live streaming a birthday, having a birthday invitation video created is one good idea as you can post it in social media showcasing all the important photos until that particular birthday. Also it will serve as a reminder, to those who are planning to be there physically and for those planning to be present virtually, through the live webcast.

Post the Birthday, one will be very curious to  see how the entire day went on. How did the guests react to the games planned, who wore the most important outfit if there was a dress code and so on and so forth.
So designing your highlights video also is very important as you need to make sure the actual highlights on your mind are reflected in the short birthday video highlights.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Auspicious Telugu Wedding Muhurthams - Calendar Year 2016

<h1> Auspicious Telugu Wedding Muhurthams - Calendar Year 2016</h1>

Telugu Marriage Muhurthams 2016

Planning to get married next year? We can give you a rough idea on the auspicious wedding dates in 2016, basing on operational wedding parameters to start your Wedding Plans.

January Muhurthams 2016

 Date Day Muhuratham Nakshathram for marriage
From To
15th January 2016 Friday 19:35:44 Next Day 07:14:24 Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
16th January 2016 Saturday 07:14:24 17:55:33 Revati
20th January 2016 Wednesday 10:43:12 Next Day 03:33:29 Rohini, Mrigashirsha
25th January 2016 Monday 21:54:38 Next Day 07:13:01 Magha
26th January 2016 Tuesday 07:13:01 21:06:07 Magha
28th January 2016 Thursday 20:35:53 Next Day 07:12:09 Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
29th January 2016 Friday 07:12:09 Next Day 07:11:49

February Muhurthams 2016

 Date  Day Muhuratham Nakshathram for marriage
From To
02nd February 2016 Tuesday 16:16:08 Next Day 07:10:15 Anuradha
03rd February 2016 Wednesday 07:10:15 12:36:56 Anuradha
04th February 2016 Thursday 23:11:01 Next Day 07:09:21 Mula
05th February 2016 Friday 07:09:21 19:43:29 Mula
06th February 2016 Saturday 19:25:16 Next Day 00:02:36 Uttara Ashadha
11th February 2016 Thursday 11:10:03 22:39:10 Uttara Bhadrapada
12th February 2016 Friday 09:16:54 Next Day 07:04:56 Revati
17th February 2016 Wednesday 07:39:43 Next Day 02:14:47 Mrigashirsha
22nd February 2016 Monday 25:44:19 Next Day 06:57:52 Magha
24th February 2016 Wednesday 09:42:39 Next Day 02:30:13 Uttara Phalguni
27th February 2016 Saturday 18:28:01 Next Day 06:53:49 Swaati
28th February 2016 Sunday 06:53:49 21:30:30 Swaati

March Muhurthams 2016

 Date  Day Muhuratham Nakshathram for marriage
From To
01st March 2016 Tuesday 06:52:07 Next Day 02:37:58 Anuradha
03rd March 2016 Thursday 06:50:22 Next Day 05:20:02 Mula
05th March 2016 Saturday 06:48:35 Next Day 02:10:13 Uttara Ashadha
09th March 2016 Wednesday 21:02:19 Next Day 06:43:59 Uttara Bhadrapada
10th March 2016 Thursday 06:43:59 Next Day 06:43:03 Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
11th March 2016 Friday 06:43:03 15:42:18 Revati

April Muhurthams 2016

 Date  Day Muhuratham Nakshathram for marriage 
From To
18th April 2016 Monday 22:14:05 Next Day 06:06:27 Uttara Phalguni
19th April 2016 Tuesday 06:06:27 13:48:21 Uttara Phalguni
20th April 2016 Wednesday 14:46:39 Next Day 04:15:02 Hasta
22nd April 2016 Friday 07:19:32 Next Day 06:03:13 Swaati
23rd April 2016 Saturday 10:28:49 PM 10:18:25 Swaati
24th April 2016 Sunday 18:25:22 Next Day 04:36:04 Anuradha
26th April 2016 Tuesday 19:13:23 Next Day 06:00:11 Mula
27th April 2016 Wednesday 06:00:11 19:43:35 Mula
29th April 2016 Friday 09:11:51 21:48:18 Uttara Ashadha

November Muhurthams 2016

 Date  Day Muhuratham Nakshathram for marriage
From To
11th November 2016 Friday 09:12:45 Next Day 06:42:36 Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
12th November 2016 Saturday 06:42:36 22:31:05 Revati
15th November 2016 Tuesday 19:15:55 Next Day 06:45:14 Rohini
16th November 2016 Wednesday 06:45:14 21:58:59 Rohini, Mrigashirsha
23rd November 2016 Wednesday 06:58:48 16:27:10 Uttara Phalguni
24th November 2016 Thursday 06:50:43 Next Day 06:51:25 Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
25th November 2016 Friday 06:51:25 12:06:40 Hasta
26th November 2016 Saturday 15:04:25 Next Day 06:52:48 Swaati
27th November 2016 Sunday 06:52:48 12:46:44 Swaati

December Muhurthams 2016

Date  Day Muhuratham Nakshathram for marriage
From To
03rd December 2016 Saturday 07:17:20 Next Day 01:24:23 12:43:33 06:57:38 Uttara Ashadha
08th December 2016 Thursday 11:17:26 23:26:06 Uttara Bhadrapada
09th December 2016 Friday 20:31:16 Next Day 07:01:35 Revati
12th December 2016 Monday Next Day 00:39:20 07:03:27 Rohini
13th December 2016 Tuesday 19:25:01 Next Day 07:04:04 Rohini, Mrigashirsha
14th December 2016 Wednesday 07:04:04 18:52:04 Mrigashirsha

The above dates are given just to give an idea on the wedding dates and timings. Consulting a Priest is necessary to have an accurate Muhurtham as the given dates may change depending on the location and beliefs of the people.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Part 3 - A Perfect to-do list for your Wedding

A Perfect to-do list for your Wedding

The To-Do-List for your wedding is one of the most important list that you ever plan in your life. You cant afford to miss a thing. But are you already missing any? Here we present a perfect to do list series - 3 to plan your Big Day perfectly. After our previous blog Part 1 - A Perfect to-do list for your Wedding, Part 2 - A Perfect to-do list for your Wedding where we discussed quick tips on 'Preparing Wedding Guests Lists', 'Determining Wedding Budget', 'Fix the Wedding Date', 'Booking a Venue', 'Selecting Invitations','Inviting Guests', 'Live Webcasting your Wedding', 'Wedding Decoration', 'Catering', 'Wedding Photography and Videography', we are here to discuss some more quick tips of the to-do-list.

1. The Wedding Dress

For a bride or a groom, wedding dress is one of their first best interests for their wedding shopping. There are lot of sites online which give you a wide range of collection to chose from. So you can select your favorite designer, necklines, silhouettes and price range.

Quick Tips for choosing your wedding attire:

  • For a wedding gown : You may check out the collections of designers like Sophia Tolli, Veera, Rosa Clara etc., are best at designing Ball Gown, Mermaid, A-line, Sheath, Strapless, V-neck etc.
  • For Saree or a Lehanga: Opt for designers like Sabyasachi Mukherji, Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahilani and there are many on the list. They give you options with Rococo, Crystal Chandelier lehengas, Draped Net Sarees, Self designed brocade maroon sarees with heavy crystal and sequined borders. These designers try and understand the culture, your taste and your looks to suggest the best outfit for your Big Day. They even suggest the jewellery that goes with the Lehenga or the Saree.
  • Self Designs & Selection : If you have exclusive bridal costume malls in your city, then there is nothing like it, you can chose your own wedding attire.

2. Makeup and Beauty treatments

With flashes clicking all over the place, you ought to be looking your best on your Big Day. You will be under the scanner with your guests observing you from head to toe.

Quick Tips to plan your make up and beauty treatments: 

  • Both Bride and the Groom should plan their beauty treatments way ahead, at least 2 months before your wedding.
  • Browse the best beauty saloons that offer Bridal packages in your city.
  • After selecting don't forget to have a trial Bridal makeup which suits you at least a month before.
  • Select your Mehendi designs also well in advance.

3. Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake will be the center-piece for your Wedding Reception. Select the best cake retailer from your city by browsing online and visit the selected outlets.

Quick Tips on choosing your Wedding Cake:

  • Choose a unique cake that goes with your wedding theme.
  • Browse for some wedding cake designs and take the design along with you to the retailer.
  • Always good to choose a retailer from your own city near to the wedding reception location.

4. Gifts for guests

Return Gifts to the guests are a token of thanks you give them for taking out their valuable time for being with you on your wedding.

Quick tips for choosing your return gifts:

  • Either you can visit an exclusive gifts outlet or browse online (weddingshop.com, theknot.com) for a wide choice to select precious gifts for your guests. 
  • Best preferred gifts are miniature glass bell jar, love bird salt and pepper shakers, Cinderella wedding carriage candle, mini treasure chest etc.
  • Wooden Bookmarks with wedding date and Thank you note from the couple.
  • Paper hand fans are again economical when you order large in number on sites like alibaba.com.
  • Jute boxes are again one good option as they are environment friendly too.

5. Pack a destination wedding day kit

An important job for both the bride and the groom is to pack an out and out kit for their D-day. 

Quick Tips to Pack the Wedding Day Kit:
  • From safety pins to the wedding attire, jewellery, other accessories must be packed well in advance. Carry every item in two sets for security.
  • If you are planning for a change in the Wedding Reception, you might have to arrange the dress and other accessories to be packed in the wedding kit.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tips on How to choose your Wedding Invitation Card

Choosing your Invitation Cards:

Wedding Invitation Card is one of the first things that you prepare on the to do list of your marriage. Sometimes Invitation Cards are chosen based on the wedding theme, sometimes depending on the culture and tradition of the family or sometimes purely on the taste of the Bride and the Groom.
With the boom of internet usage these days, couples design their own wedding cards. And wedding invitation videos which we will be discussing on our coming up article.

I. Wedding Invitation Cards:

There are lot of variety on the internet to design your wedding card. The best thing to do at times is to take few features from one card and few features from the other and make an entirely new card out of it. The purpose of this article is to throw light on the available wide variety of designs of wedding invitation cards..
Online Invitation Template

1. Scroll Type Wedding Invitation Card:

Trending now is a scroll type invitation where the card is in the form of a scroll. Even in the scroll type you again have 2 varieties, where the cover takes the shape of envelope and the cover in the shape of scroll itself.

2. Shapes in Wedding Invitation Card:

Wedding Invitation cards are available in a lot of variety of shapes. You may chose to change the colour, shape and wording on the card. Also you can combine the shapes and create a new card altogether. Here are few interesting examples:-

This adjacent variety is one of the traditional shapes available. It best suits when the invitation is on behalf of the parents.

This adjacent variety is most popular with personalized wedding cards i.e. when the couple invite the guests.

This adjacent variety can be selected by both parents and the couple's personalized cards.

3. Box Type Wedding Invitation Cards:

Box Type invitation cards should be chosen keeping in mind the postage and courier convenience. At times the card may get damaged in transit and to go for a special courier service, the cost might go high. So here are few ideas for you.

These are the box type invitations in various sizes, shapes and colors and you will find many more in the wedding invitation card sites. These are some of the best collection from different sources.

4. Luxury Wedding Invitation Cards:

Luxury Wedding Invitations are the illustrious choice of Big Fat Indian Weddings. You often see them in Celebrity Weddings too. Usually they are ordered less in number as they are seen distributed only among high profile guests.

The Luxury Wedding Invitation Cards not only include the Wedding Invitation but also have additional goodies for the invitee. The goodies are in the form of choclates or Ganesh idols as you see in the pics below.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Part 2 - A Perfect to-do list for your Wedding

A Perfect to-do list for your Wedding

Weddings are one perfect time where people get out and get in touch with their relatives and friends. It turns out to be a 'Big day' not only for the to-be weds but also the people around them who are closely involved in the arrangements. After our previous blog Part 1 - A Perfect to-do list for your Wedding, where we discussed quick tips on 'Preparing Wedding Guests Lists', 'Determining Wedding Budget', 'Fix the Wedding Date', 'Booking a Venue' and 'Selecting Invitations', we are here to discuss some more quick tips of the to-do-list.

To do list for perfect wedding

1. Inviting Guests

Inviting guests is one event that has to be planned few months before the wedding.

Quick Tips on Inviting Guests:
    Inviting Guests
  •  Outstation guests:
    • Call the outstation guests and inform them of the wedding date, invite them and plan their travel.
    • Collect the addresses and post the wedding invitation cards.
  • Guests in the city outskirts:
    • Book a vehicle and plan the outskirts wedding cards distribution.
    • Inform them that you would be coming to avoid door-lock situations.
  • Guests in the city:
    • A month before should be enough for guests within the city.
    • Plan each area wisely. Make area wise guest lists.

2. Live Webcasting your Wedding

Choosing Live Webcasting Wedding vendor

Now that you will finish inviting your guests, you will get a fair idea who are the important guests who will be missing the wedding. Catching the trend now is the new add on wedding service, Live Marriage Streaming. Stream your wedding live on internet to anywhere in the world.

Quick Tips on Live Webcasting your wedding:

  • Search for 'Live Marriage Streaming' on google.
  • Select a vendor and check in service areas if they had executed broadcast from the kalyanamandapam of your interest.
  • Select Live Webcasting packages that include Wedding Invitation Videos, Wedding Website, Wedding Highlight videos and many more features along with live streaming.

3. Wedding Decoration

Wedding Decoration

Indian Wedding Decorations are known for the colorful decor and grandeur. Trending now is to select a wedding theme/color. Browsing for decorators within your city limits is the best thing to do as there might be last minute additions. Some of the major items on your list for decorations:

Quick Tips on Wedding Decoration:

  • Decorating the home from starting day of wedding events.
  • Having the home building decorated with LED lights.
  • Wedding Venue decoration. You may browse for various designs and show the decorator your choice of decoration.
  • Wedding Car decoration.
  • Hotel Room Decoration.

4. Catering

Wedding Catering

The more delicious your wedding dinner, the more your wedding will be remembered. If your wedding dinner is not interesting, you will be remembered for the wrong reasons. So Catering is a very important aspect of the wedding arrangements on your list.

Quick Tips on Wedding Dinner Catering:

  • Select a caterer only when you have good feedback from someone you trust.
  • Plan for some additional stalls for snacks and sweets.
  • Make sure they decorate the dinner area elegantly.
  • Arrange for seating arrangement if its feasible in the budget.
  • Plan for ample counters to serve dinner to avoid confusion,
  • Plan for ample lighting at the dinner area.
  • Make sure your videographer covers the dinner activities.

5. Wedding Videography and Photography

Videography and Photography are very significant aspects as they keep your wedding moments
Wedding Photography and Videography
afresh and alive.

Quick Tips to chose your Wedding Photographer and Videographer:

  • Select the style of wedding photography you would like to go with. Here are few for your reference.
  • Make appointments with few photographers/videographers.
  • Check out a complete album made by them and not selected photographs on their website.
  • Compare the packages quoted by different agencies.
  • Have a nice rapport with the photographer/videographer.
  • Check Post Production details such as if you can sit and finalize on the album designing.
  • Confirm on the number of photographs and the video feed duration depending on the budget.
  • Confirm on which person will be your wedding photographer/videographer from the videography agency.
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Friday, April 3, 2015

How different is a Love Marriage from an Arranged One

Love Vs Arranged Marriages - Difference in behavioral Patterns

Love Marriage or an Arranged one? Many ask this question either to the one's who are planning to get married or it can be a self query. In India, nearly 92% of the population go with Arranged Marriages or Love cum Arranged marriages. On the other hand only 8% go for Love marriages.

Whether its a love or an arranged marriage, one should believe that "Marriages are made in Heaven". The key words for any happy marital life are Love, Respect, Understanding, Trust, Acquaintance etc. The divorce rate got declined to 1.1% in India. This is all because of the average Indian's mental strength to accept what comes in their way with a complete positive attitude. So one must come out of the stereotype feeling that arranged marriages live long and love marriages breakup early. It all depends on the couple's perceptions, thinking ability and understanding between the families  for a long lasting marital life.

When you enter a wedding venue, you can sometimes make out whether the wedding is an arranged one or a love marriage. Lets get into some fun aspects of the same.

Arranged Marriage
Love Marriage
Couple's Intimacy

In Arranged marriages, families get more closer than the mates. From the shy feelings and restricted movements of the bride and groom, one can make out a to be an arranged marriage.

Here in Love marriages, the couples feel free to communicate with each other. Smiles flying all the time, perfect chemistry is carried on, all along the wedding.
Families Rapport

As the wedding is fixed by the family members of the bride and the groom, they get more acquainted with each other. There will be a number of situations for the families to come together before the wedding like Haldi Rasam, Mehndi, Sangeet etc. These get together s result in more closeness for the families on the day of wedding.

The families of the bride and the groom show some reservedness if they completely don't approve of the wedding. So not much rapport is displayed between them on the dais of the wedding. The entire event is mostly handled by the couple themselves.
Guests Count
The venues generally get packed up with guests if it's an arranged marriage. The ratio of families dominate the ratio of friends and colleagues.
In love marriages we find the number of friends or colleagues are high compared to the numbers of families attended or they may be equal in ratio. Orthodox families will most probably miss out these marriages. What so ever the reason, the guest count is generally low at love marriages.

Receiving Guests
The guests are received with utmost care, especially the ones from groom's side. The Groom's family also receive the Bride's guests warmly.
The Bride's family do not feel much obligation to receive guests from the groom side due to the slight resistance. Guests are mostly friends and colleagues who are not received heartily by the families. On the other hand, the couple try their best to win the hearts of the guests by wishing them warmly.

Social Status

In arranged marriages almost typically an equal financial status match is fixed to prevent further hitches. A rich family opts for either same status or above. There will be a similar trend with the middle class families.

In love marriages both the families may or may not be of same financial status. If there is a difference, then the guests can easily make out on the day of the wedding looking at the Costumes, Jewellery and very rarely, dignity.
Friends of the Couple

Friends of the Bride and Groom, are not usually acquainted with each other. It takes time for them to start interacting with each other during the wedding rituals.

Friends of the Bride and Groom show intimacy and move close together.
Confusion Vs Confidence

The couple when observed on the wedding Dias, a state of confusion reflects on their faces.

These love birds look very confident on their Big Day. Love is in the air and all over the place 
Pride Vs Embarrassment

The families of either the bride or the groom when noticed, have a proud feeling on their faces and behavior. They are gratified about their children for accepting the proposal settled by the elders. Its a Big day for the parents as well.

The close family members of the couple have an embarrassment filled all along their behavior if the marriage is not completely approved by both the families. On the other hand there are parents these days who are approve whole heartedly.
Communication of Arrangements
The arrangements in an arranged marriage are usually not that transparent and organized. There will be multiple videographers, photographers etc. causing more expenditure both sides.
With the continuous communication between the couple, things will be more organized and communicated much before hand. There will be more transparency for both sides on the arrangements that are being made.

Live Marriage Streaming is a trend these days with Couples whose marriage has been arranged in their home country in their absence.
Live Marriage Streaming is definitely organized since the couples most definitely have common friends in the home country or abroad.

All the above mentioned points may not always be true and these have been drawn through some public opinions and observations. In this modern culture and society, people are trying to accept love marriages in the same way as arranged ones. Hope you enjoyed the differences and probably had these thoughts crossed your mind sometime or the other when you were on a wedding dais.
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Part 1 - A Perfect to-do list for your Wedding

The To-do list for your Wedding

Perfect To do list for weddings

For any wedding to be a memorable event, one needs to accomplish stack of things like making a list of invitees, selecting and printing of invitation cards or mailing online E-Cards, shortlisting a caterer and the list goes on. Having a Wedding planner who would manage all these things is always the better idea but if you ask me, there will be also questions shooting up in my mind, will I miss the fun? Will all the hustle and bustle of a wedding be lost if I hire one? Even though a wedding planner is employed, there would be many tasks that one should fulfill by his/her own hands.
As it is a wedding season, SeeMyMarriage is here to give you some quick tips on the to-do-things for your wedding :

1. Wedding Guests List

Preparing Wedding Lists

Preparing a list of guests can be sometimes tricky. Either you can fix on the number of Total guests you would like to invite and then start preparing the list. Or you can prepare the and arrive on the number of guests. 

Quick Tips:

  • Fix the range of the number of Guests: Are you planning a range of 300-400, 600-700 or 1000-1500? Indian wedding scenario, wedding hosted by Bride's party, check how many guests are expected from the Groom's party and arrive on the final range of number of guests. Low budget wedding, its always better to keep it in the range of less than or equal to 300. Big fat wedding then the numbers always fall in the range equal or greater than 1500.

  • Preparation of the lists on your own: Start with your immediate families, then first cousins, second cousins and get to the next level, depending on your range. Friends, colleagues of the couple & parents, neighbors, family friends are some of the most definite categories that should fall into your primary list.
  • Borrowing the list of guests from a recent wedding in the family.
  • Always have a soft copy of the lists.
  • Make a list of outstation guests.

2. Determine a budget

Budget for a wedding is the one of the first things that is planned for a wedding.
Wedding Budget

Quick Tips:
  • Its always good not to spend a fortune  unless you are well prepared.
  • Assess the amount of Gold that you need to buy. This could be a major purchase.
  • When you fix on the range of no. of guests, you will have a clear idea of how big a wedding venue should be.
  • The wedding dinner is another big chunk of expenditure.

3. Fix the Wedding Date 

Fixing Wedding DateFixing your date is again another crucial factor of a wedding. Almost every activity of the wedding is based on this date. Hindu weddings majorly depend on the muhurtham for which you can go through auspicious wedding dates and muhurats available online for the calender year 2015. 

Quick Tips:

Christian Weddings are planned mostly depending on the convenience of everyone. Good to plan it on weekends.
Muslim Wedding are usually planned on Sundays. Be sure of the Ramadan dates before arriving on the dates.



4. Book a Venue

'The Wedding Venue' will be your platform to showcase everything that you ever dreamt and planned  for your wedding.

Quick Tips:
    Dream Wedding Venue
  • Cozy enough to accommodate all the guests for wedding reception as well as dinner.
  • Some venues offer 'dining inclusive' packages when you book the banquet hall.
  • Good Public Transport facility or look at arranging some buses for the venue.
  • Preferably close to either bride/groom's home.
  • Should have ample space for vehicle parking.

5. Invitations

 Invitations  for weddings these days have taken lot of forms. Couples send

Physical Wedding Cards:
Online Wedding Invitation Videos
Now-a-days there are many vendors in our city itself who provide us with lot of options depending on our budget. An average simple looking card cost starts at Rs.15/- and the best looking card cost might go up to Rs.50/- and even more. 

Quick Tips:
  • Metros usually have the best variety and the latest trendy cards. Check out at the nearest metro to your location. Ex: Old Delhi is one good place.
  • Liked a wedding card recently? Then just contact them and get some info.
  • Want to design your own card? Browse on the internet.

Scanned Invitations through Mails:

Your outstation or overseas guests usually receive these kind of invites. Always have a personal covering letter for the scanned invitations.

Quick Tips:

  • Scan the wedding cards and make a soft copy of every page including cover.
  • Design the covering letter and personalize it as much as possible.

Wedding Invitation Videos:

 You can also invite in style by making a video for the wedding invitation. Tell your wedding story through some photographs and then at the end of the video, add the details of the wedding and reception.

Quick Tips:

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cricketers Weddings in the years of World Cup - Part 2

More Weddings in the Years of World Cup (1996 - 2015)

The Cricket fever is on the rise with the gaining popularity of Cricket World Cup 2015 on the global sports stage. Cricket World Cup 2015 has become part of the  Top Stories not only in news but also on television  shows. And what can be the best time to talk about the second more interesting topic in the cricketing world, World Cup combined with Weddings. This article is in continuation to our previous blog, Cricketers Weddings in the years of World Cup - Part 1.

1. Glenn McGrath weds Jane Louise

An Australian former cricketer, always remembered for maintaining a remarkably accurate line and length throughout his career is Glenn Donald McGrath.  Glenn got married in the year 1999 to Jane Louise. Later the couple were blessed with two children. In 2008, a tragedy hit the life of Glenn McGrath when his wife died of breast cancer. Later he remarried a girl Sara in a secret affair. 
Glenn in the year of his wedding i.e.1999      played the World Cup for the Australian team  by scoring the highest number of runs. In December, 2006 he retired from tests. In the year 2007, he retired from International cricket.

2. Saeed Anwar weds Lubna

A cricketer who participated in three Cricket World Cups, scored two successive hundreds on three different occasions, captained Pakistan in seven Tests and 11 ODIs, had got lot more numbers under his belt. Also a left arm orthodox bowler, Saeed Anwar, married his cousin Lubna in March 1996. The wedding was a private ceremony attended by a very close family members and friends. Lubna is a doctor by profession.
Anwar being one of the most consistent Pakistani batsman, played World Cups in the years 1996, 1999 and 2003. In 1996 World Cup, Anwar scored three fifties. He played international cricket between 1989 and 2003. 

3. Saqlain Mushtaq weds Sana

The quickest bowler in history of ODI to reach 100 wickets, right-arm off break bowler, best known for pioneering the "doosra", Saqlain Mushtaq, got married to a British citizen, Sana in the year 1999. The wedding was attended by the Pakistani Cricketers and family members.

He played 49 test matches and 169 ODI's in between 1995 and 2004. He  played his last World Cup in the year 1999. He last played for the Pakistani team in the year 2004 against India. 

4. Azhar Mahmood weds Ebba

This Pakistani batsman, Azhar Mahmood Sagar, joined the team as a medium pacer but went on to surprise everyone with his bat too. Azhar made his ODI debut against India in 1996. He got married in the year 2003 to a British girl, Ebba. Cricketers, friends and family members were all present at the wedding. Guests were invited in a very limited number.

    Azhar being an excellent player was short listed for continuous three World Cups. Year 2007 is the last World Cup, he played for team Pakistan. Whatever may be the reason, Azhar did not play in the year of his wedding i.e., for the 2003 World Cup. He became a British citizen in the year 2011 and is now a qualified English cricketer.

5. Rohan Gavaskar weds Swati Mankar

Batting Legend Sunil Gavaskar's son,  Rohan Gavaskar is a specialist middle-order left-handed batsman. He played for the Indian team in 11 ODI's. On 2nd April, 2003 he married his childhood sweetheart, Swati Mankar in a private affair. 
Rohan was not given a chance to play even a single World Cup for India. He retired on 9th February, 2012. Currently Rohan is acting as a cricket commentator.

6. Jason Gillespie weds Anna

Jason, a former Australian cricketer, a right-arm fast medium bowler, made his test debut and ODI debut in the year 1996. He is the Australia's 6th highest wicket-taker. In one of the test crickets, Jason is the first Australia's fast bowler to score double century as a tenth batsman. 

   He got married to Anna in the year 2003. In the year of his wedding i.e., 2003, Jason did not play World Cup. The reason is unknown. On 29th February, 2008 Gillespie announced his retirement.

7. Stephen Fleming weds Kelly Payne

Stephen Paul Fleming, former New Zealand cricket captain made his test debut in March 1994 against India. This left handed batsman won the Man of the Match award on debut itself after scoring 92. 

Stephen got married on 9th May, 2007 to his long term partner Kelly Payne in a ceremony held in Wellington. Being the most victorious captain, Stephen Fleming played for the 2003 and 2007
World Cups, where his performance was outstanding. The year 2007 World Cup was his last one. On 26th March, 2008 Fleming retired from International cricket.

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