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Monday, October 20, 2014

Webcasting Vendors & Industry Standards: Live Wedding and Event Streaming Services in Guntur

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  Note: This video covers the highlights of a few weddings covered by SeeMyMarriage Live Webcasting

Live Webcasting Statistics in Guntur by SeeMyMarriage: With an experience of over 5000 webcasts till date and having covered over 200 webcasts in Guntur alone SeeMyMarriage suggests future customers / broadcasters on the following points.
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Garthapuri is the original Sanskrit name of the Guntur District, which is in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a place of historical importance. Guntur is a centre for education, learning and many more. The need to live stream your event might arise due to a lot of factors. Wedding budget, few examples on what actually constitutes a live streaming project in Guntur.

1. Live Streaming / Webcasting Services Vendors in Guntur.

Webcasting industry in Guntur is still in its nascent stages with only a handful of operators. Below is a list of companies with decent expertise in their respective domains.When planning for a wedding webcast, care must be take to book the vendor well in advance.

Company Name Area of Operations Contact Website
SeeMyMarriage This company specializes in Domestic Events Like Marriage, Receptions, Engagements etc 8106654665 www.seemymarriage.com
IPContext Corporate Live Streaming Software 8374116100 www.ipcontext.com
Elsat.tv General Live Streaming services and hardware solutions 7702622446 www.elsat.tv

2. Live Webcasting Standards / Streaming Quality in Guntur

Live streaming isnt just like any other service. If you dont choose the right vendor, you could end up paying a hefty price for buffered video .So, as an end customer be clear as to what to expect from a Live Wedding Webcast in Guntur. Given below are the best and the least possible live streaming quality streams that can be expected from Guntur.

Best Live Webcasting Quality that can be expected from Guntur under extremely favourable circumstances. Webcast from Zion Fellowship Church. 

Average Webcasting Quality. Wedding Webcast from Bandlamudi Gardens. 

General Streaming Highlights in Guntur. 

3. Wireless Internet Service Providers in Guntur for Live Event / Marriage Streaming

To make the webcast and streaming process efficacious, Guntur has multiple high speed internet sources including 3G provided by all major telecom services.While there are a plethora of options for internet service providers, serious thought has to be given in choosing the right internet connection. For Last minute bookings , wireless broadband connections are preferred to live stream an event. Therefore as far as wireless internet connection is concerned the following statistics can be expected.

Service Provider Name Technology Popular Name Minimum Upload Bandwidth in Kbps Average Upload Bandwidth in Kbps Maximum Upload Bandwidth in Kbps Reliability for Streaming
Airtel 3G WCDMA 200-300 500-1000 2-3Mbps Stable.
Airtel 2G Edge 50-100 ( Streaming Not Possible) 50-100 ( Streaming Not Possible) 50-100 ( Streaming Not Possible) Stable but unsuitable for streaming.
Reliance 2G HSD 150-250 300-350 600-750 Very Stable.
Reliance 2G 1X 50 80 144 Very Stable.
Reliance 3G 3G Unavailable in Guntur Unavailable in Guntur Unavailable in Guntur n/a
BSNL 3G EVDO 400-500 500-1000 1 Mbps Stable.
Tata 2G Photon Plus 200-250 300 600 Semi stable. Moderate Disconnections.

4. Prior Experience of the Vendor Live Streaming from the venue.

It is always best to choose a vendor who might have already broadcasted from the wedding venue before. So, on an important day like wedding, you dont leave anything to chance.
Every venue is different from one another. Infact for SeeMyMarriage, each venue is a case study in its own. Succesful streaming or high quality streaming from one specific area doesnt mean that the same quality can be expected in an adjacent area. Such is the unreliability of Internet in Guntur.

Notice the change in quality of live streams for different venues in Guntur.

5. Beware of Streaming Limitations in AC Function halls in Guntur

Due to the closed nature of the ac function halls, the live streaming can get real problematic. And as more and more guest arrive in the function hall, the bandwidth starts dropping due to interference from the mobile phones in the area. Proper care must be taken to find a turn around to this problem.

6. Other Things to watch out for

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7. SeeMyMarriage in Guntur

SeeMyMarriage.com and Elsat.tv are the largest webcast services providers in terms of the number of webcasts executed in Guntur. And once again ready for the upcoming wedding season to serve people around the world with upgraded Live Streaming process using cloud technology.

Live broadcasting of wedding by SeeMyMarriage.com is a benefaction to the guests who could not attend the wedding. Live Streaming is one stop source for everyone to contemplate wedding live. After the Post Production Process of a wedding using a Post Production Engine, the bride and the groom along with their families can also watch the adorable moments of their wedding with the help of an ID given by the SeeMyMarriage.com.


The most important aspect for any wedding to begin is the invitation cards and in this modern technology our SeeMyMarriage.com helps you avail video invitation cards using Video Invitation Creator. The Video Invitation is produced by the information and the pictures given by the couple. It is an effective means of inviting guests with no miss outs. More economical and less time consumption.

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