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Live Webcasting Visakhapatnam | Live Marriage Hyderabad | Wedding Webcast Delhi
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Indian Wedding Cards

Every year in India there is a season from late September to January many people about two millions approximately likely to receive a letter by post which is a Wedding Card, it is literally an invitation letter. In any one season there could be around ten million weddings take place in India. Marriage in India is considered as the most auspicious and expensive event. The marriage ceremony and ritual has not only survived these last few centuries it has flourished. The Indian marriage is quiet unique, the actual marriage ceremony stretches over several days with elaborate pre wedding rituals. Though Wedding cards have a significant aspect, they are considered as least important when compared to other things like the wedding saree, the exhibition of jewellery, and the exotic locations in which the wedding is held and not to forget the extravagant stage effects that accompany the wedding.

 Wedding cards are the most crucial element without which the wedding could not even begin. A standard wedding invitation provides sensible information about the marriage and where it is held at. Invitations could be handmade paper and despite all the developments in its form it is still continued to produced in small printers shops. In recent years the card has undergone dramatic changes from a simple plain card to wildly colourful imaginative, personalized and expensive one. But the question is has the transformation of the wedding cards has modified the nature of the object.

With the increase in Indian economy and urbanization the numbers of internet users are increasing day by day. So, digital invitations might play a very good role in the present situation. Digital wedding invitation or e wedding cards are nothing but sending your wedding invitations in digital format to your guests. These digital wedding invitations can be sent through email or use it as a download wedding invitation. Digital wedding invitations can be designed in either traditional format or in 3D making the invitation more interesting, these can be customizable depending on the interest of the bride or the bridegroom.

Digital wedding invitations can save a lot of money and time in this busy world. These invitations can be sent to all the guests by a single click.
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